Turtle Hunt Cove

IMG_3400Yesterday we went on our first annual turtle hunt! We had a blast. Ryan, Peter, and Mr Finn went into the belly of the turtle den while Jude, Royal, Grandma Cindy and I stayed in the support boat. We are having a lot of fun, evidenced by my lack of blog posts. We are heading to the cottage up north this morning (actually in just a few minutes) but I had to get a few of these up here before I left. I have never been to the cottage so I am excited to see it. It’s up in Pelican Rapids, we will be back in two days.

IMG_3340IMG_3429IMG_3420The boys caught three turtles!

IMG_3368Bompa Petes lost his sun glasses in the water and ended up flipping over in the kayak right next to the boat. Jude was really funny, ‘OH No!’

IMG_3371IMG_3376The boys were out for a while, Jude did really well just hanging out with us in the boat. We played patty cake, drank Diet Dr Pepper… it was a fun a memory.

IMG_3362IMG_3386IMG_3338Royal James is running a fever, so he’s been hanging out in the butt nude. He’s getting better, off to the cottage! Talk to you guys in a few days.




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  1. For those who have never experienced this specific adventure, it closely resembles hunting crocodiles. I am thinking that National Geographic could pick up and print Heather’s post.

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