The Cottage on Pelican Lake

11  Aug 2013

We are back from the cottage! We all feel a little like we are sleep walking, it’s only a 2.5 hour drive away from Blue Lake but it’s enough that we are all tired. I’m feeling the adventure from the last two days. You shall see from the pictures, we played hard! Oh my, oh my. Mr Finn LOVES fishing. Mr Finn fishes with what he calls his ‘spider man fishing pole’. That spider man fishing pole catches a ton of fish. I can’t even begin to guess how many fish Finn caught. It seemed like he had a fish every two minutes. He caught at least six species of fish. I loved fish lake. Thanks so much Lelers for your suggestion about bringing up the boat. I thought I just wanted to go up to see the cottage, which we did enjoy- but I am so glad I got to see the Lake! The cottage is on Pelican Lake and it’s much bigger than Blue Lake, it’s huge! The lake is really clean, you can see through to the bottom and the fishing was great! Thanks for coming along for the trip Grandma Cindy and Bonka Petes! We enjoyed some beautiful sunsets and sunrises.

IMG_3717IMG_3672Fish lake was definitely my favorite part of the trip. You know it’s been a great adventure when the kids and the parents have fun. I didn’t want Royal Jame to wake up the fish with his crying so he stayed pretty much glued to the chest for a lengthy part of our fishing escapades.

Blogging while on vacation is always a big tricky and connection is good but a bit weak so… future Hb, I’m sorry there’s not more commentary but I’m doing my best here. We had a lot of fun, Ryan is great at fishing. Totally didn’t really think he could fish – sorry mon petit chou. He had two strikes but couldn’t quite land those massive northern pikes, or maybe it was a bass. Can you tell I’m catching on to the fishing jargon already?

IMG_3625IMG_3552Finn is great at fishing. He’s really caught onto a lot of the technique -he especially is good at keeping his tip down in the water. He can catch the fish completely on his own, oh my, oh my it’s funny. He just needs help putting the worm on his spider man fishing pole. When he catches one, he yells, “I’ve caught one.” Of course in true Hb fashion I say something close but not quite right (I get that from my mother) “Roll him in, roll him in.” Grandma Cindy chuckles and tells me, “It’s reel!, not roll’ Oh there were some funny moments…


IMG_3670I got a few minutes fishing as well, Cindy was peeling over laughing because I got a little, well… let’s say I probably got a little too into catching the tiny sun fish (after giving up on the BIG fish). She made the very appropriate remark that I may be a little starved for action. My first cast I was convinced I had a bite. I reelded my line in fast saying, “I’ve got one boys, I’ve got one!” Only to be VERY surprised when it was a weed. Oh man, Ryan was laughing so hard.

IMG_3645IMG_3660IMG_3564IMG_3634IMG_3616IMG_3665IMG_3680 IMG_3676Finn peed into the Lake a lot! He didn’t ever seem to want to go into the house, he’d just sneak off and go in the Lake!

IMG_3600 IMG_3578 IMG_3463

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  1. love all the fish!!! your boys are darling. I love each of them so much.

    so happy you made some great memories up at the cottage!

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