Our First Family Baseball Game

IMG_396113  Aug 2013

Yesterday we went to our first family baseball game, Target Field was built within the last year or two and we’ve heard it’s a great place to go see a game. I think we just made a new family tradition. Mr. Finn absolutely loved it, I am shocked at how well the kids did! Thanks for the great night out Millers! What a fun memory. A great way to celebrate our last few weeks here in the states with the all American sport of baseball.

photo(10)The Cartwrights came too, Finn and Adelie had the greatest time clapping and cheering for the team. Seriously, Finn could not stop talking about the game after we left, he told us he wanted to go back the next night. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so excited. He loved his baseball shirt. When we put Jude’s outfit on Finn said, ‘Nice Jude, let me see! I like your outfit Jude!’ Jude did decent, he went out in shifts when he got fidgety. 

IMG_3955Nate bought Finn and Adelie fingers, oh they were so funny waving them around like crazy.

IMG_3887Can you tell Finn is so excited! We met Leanna and the girls at the glove outside the stadium. I was expecting to feel like I was in ‘the public’ I mean it’s a baseball game. The ambiance could not have been better. You go right off the freeway into the parking structure. I love Minneapolis, such a great city. We were surrounded by families at the game that also had small kids, basbeall games are so fun for kids.

IMG_3932Can you tell that Royal’s eyes have gone brown. They have been dark for a while now but the color has just come in. Oh I’m trying to enjoy him, but things are so crazy with all three. I need to set away some more quality time with him. He is such a special baby.

photo(11)iPhone shot – thanks Lelers!


IMG_3992 IMG_3937 IMG_3924

Highlights from the game: Watching the jumbo tron, eating that endless bucket of donuts, and the moment we got to our seats. I couldn’t believe how beautiful the field was. The game could not have been any better, we didn’t even have anyone sitting in front of us!

IMG_3948IMG_3915 IMG_4008IMG_4007

3 responses

  1. Sweet pictures. Fun night! Looks like Jude was keeping a close watch on that bear (sorry Bear, I amsure u have a name).

  2. I’m with Tanner – Royal looks so cute in these pictures! Such a big smile!!!

    I love all these pictures, especially of the kids together. It was such a fun night!!

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