Minnesota Highlights

-314  Aug 2013

We are headed home to California for a few short weeks before we make our final transition to Dubai. We had a great time in Minnesota. Here are some of my high’s from our trip: starting off with again that amazing fireworks show. I really didn’t have any pictures to give it justice. The boys know fireworks well now, I’ll always remember the boys going ‘Boom, boom, boom!’ Kudos Millers for the sweet iPhone shot (above).

IMG_3110Royal’s Blessing. We blessed Royal James while we were here. Ryan did a wonderful job, I will have to make time to write about it somewhere. I really love doing it in an intimate setting. It’s such a quick thing, but there was a wonderful feeling. I’m especially glad Ryan was able to have his Dad and brother be apart of it. It’s hard living so far away from family. I’m glad we were able to make it happen. Thank you Mark and Clayton for being apart of our special family moment.

IMG_3104IMG_3106IMG_3322Bathing in Grandma Cindy’s bath tub! Grandma Cindy gives a good tub. Cindy’s tub looks like it is taken right out of something you would see on pinterest – look at that view! Looking for deer, turtles, or frogs!

IMG_2705I love watching Finn’s hair blow in the wind, sometime nearly everyday I look at him and think… ‘remember’ often that has come to mind while watching Finn’s hair blow in the wind on the boat. Oh I want to remember his face and hair!

IMG_3672Fell in love with fishing this trip. Ryan said today that apparently there is great deep sea fishing in Oman. We may just have to check that out. Finn can’t stop talking about fishing. He knows the names of a lot of the fish and tonight he ran around the yard fishing pole in hand dragging and casting around a blue gill. Needless to say, that one didn’t make it. As Finn said, “Sorry Mom, he didn’t make it.” The boys know I take it very to heart when the creatures they catch don’t make it. i.e. toads, frogs, turtles, fish! We have to let them go. Live and let live baby.

IMG_3681The crazy scene that is the whole family fishing. Amazing we actually catch fish with all the noise we make!

IMG_3873Jude has done well on our trip. He has had his good, great, and could have been better days. Very thankful for that. Catching frogs has been a lot of fun for Finn and Jude. Jude knows ‘frog’ really well now. IMG_4088I’m never really able to put ski photos up of Ryan because he’s usually skiing in the speedo! Go love dove go! I love speeds, but for the blog – I resist. He was skiing last night in his trunks making some mighty nice turns. You are a beautiful skier my love, such lovely form. Doesn’t get more perfect than that.

One of my favorite highlights for sure was teaching Emily how to get up on a slalom ski. She did magnificent. I knew she was athletic and had good balance, but this is no small feat! It took her less than four attempts to get up! It was so fun cheering her on!

IMG_2647IMG_4040Chasing after toads! Enjoying the fire –

IMG_4057We’ve been making a fire every night for the last few days. Talking around a fire is so fun. By far the best highlight was just visiting with all of you Millers! Thanks everyone for making the effort to come in August, it’s such a fun tradition.

IMG_4169The view from our window after it rained.

IMG_3198Another highlight, the sweet thunder/rain storm we had! I’m so glad we got to see a great Minnesota storm.

IMG_3153IMG_3227IMG_2746IMG_3810Ryan made the observation that Minnesota feels very American: the clouds are puffy, people mow their lawns, everything grows like crazy – tons of luscious fertile farm land. People take a lot of pride in their yards here.

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  1. We’re getting spoiled when we don’t comment on great posts! I think the boys were actually trying to catch grasshoppers in that picture–which is not an easy task! Like the fireworks pic–captured the essence of the evening, sans the explosions. Like mom’s hair on the boat–surprised she didn’t nix that one. Lots of fun times!

    • I know Petes! I showed it to her and she said, “she was okay with that!” I like that picture too, have to capture the diver too! I’ve been busting up laughing the last two days thinking about random moments of our trip. I still can’t believe we took the boat out without the plug in. We are going through serious re-entry withdrawals here!

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