Our Last Week Together in SoCal

IMG_419123  Aug 2013

It’s only been a little over a week since my last post but that feels like a long time for me. We are enjoying our last week in Southern California as a family. We’ve been visiting some of our favorite places: the baby beach on the peninsula, Crystal Cove, the wedge (above), Fashion Island, Whole Foods, and of course visiting with friends. Tonight we were down in Laguna Niguel swimming/barbequing with friends. Ryan leaves on Monday for Dubai. Let’s all cross our fingers that he’s able to obtain his work/employment/residential visas (whichever one he decides to apply for) he will need that before he can lease an apartment. It would be nice to get there and already have a place to go. But, whatever happens we’ll make it work!

Ryan snapped the photo above, thank you Cheri! I didn’t even know we had the camera out. Always fun to find a truly candid photograph when I go to upload pictures. I think photography is really becoming a passion for me. I am not a very creative person and it pushes me to be creative to take something different in a different way than I already have.  I really miss the camera when I don’t use it even for just two or three days.

IMG_4196 IMG_4186Chasing that seagull ! Funny boy! There is a difference between chasing, and really trying to catch! He was trying to catch him! The boys came close too! That belief they could grab him really took them a long way.

IMG_4179Re-entry from Minnesota has had a few significant moments. One sticks out particularly in my mind: the boys are trying to catch every creature they come in contact with! No Jude, you can’t actually try and catch the seagull. It was a bit of a problem, at one point they even saw a rat and they both wanted to climb down and chase after it. Funny boys! No these creatures are a little faster than the toads you were trying to catch.

IMG_4201We have  a lot of pictures from our time here, so I haven’t been documenting all that much, and to be honest it’s a lot work. I wanted some time off, those Minnesota posts were hard!.  I have been doing this – baby booties! Oh I love, love, making these. Finn is so excited about his ‘slipper’. He did not understand why I was calling them baby booties! Who wants a pair? They don’t take nearly as long as an adult size.

IMG_4207No matter where you turn in our apartment, babies everywhere!


Royal James 9 mos photo is on its way! Love this tradition! So timeless. Thanks Linges!

5 responses

  1. AHHH! I love everything about this post. Everything!!!!! The top picture of HB & the boys is awesome. So beautiful!! I love Royal’s 9 month picture. You guys really established a cool tradition. I wish we had copied that one. Those pictures are incredible.

    The seagull-catching is hilarious. Too funny.

    And the BOOTIES!!!! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! So adorable. I seriously love them.

  2. That’s been your motto for five years now, “whatever happens we’ll make it work!” And look at all you’ve accomplished! I am so, so proud of you both. You really have made it, hand in hand, side by side. Three beautiful boys and so many wonderful memories in Orange County. My heart has been a little broken for you this weekend as you say so long to many of you favorite places… But the next chapter is going to be as vibrant and alive as the last. Enjoy these next precious hours together.
    I love you both with all my heart, Mom.

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