2  September 2013

Disneyland was so much fun! It was Royal’s and Jude’s first time! They were totally entranced on all of the rides. The boys are at such a fun age, they think all of the characters and people are alive. Jude was really taking everything in. We went and stayed at California Adventure with my parents for two nights. They came in the knick of time, I was feeling and looking quite drained! What a treat for me to enjoy their company, get a few good meals, and not to mention give the boys that once in a lifetime trip to Disneyland. I mean staying in the hotel, doing the water park, seeing the shows, buying the toys – what a special memory! Thank you Gigi and Toppy! I’m so glad we were able to go once and have them really feel the magic, now I don’t feel bad we didn’t do annual passes. 

IMG_4473First stop – Cars Land! Can you believe that sweet real life Lighting McQueen! The boys were too short for the epic rides in Cars land, but they got to go and meet Tow Mater, Red, and Lighting. It was a success.

IMG_4612We laughed a lot, like always! Gigi was in her element taking Finn and Jude on all the rides. Pirates of the Carribean was definitely a favorite. The Bugs Life area of the park was also a real hit. I loved that cute bugs life show.

IMG_4482IMG_4530 IMG_4540 IMG_4487IMG_4381Our first night there we went swimming in the park, and they had two water slides. One big ones, and this small ones. We probably should have started small, but we went right to the big one. I should really write all the details, no pictures were captured. So I should jot this down to memory – well we thought we would take both of the boys on our laps. Toppy’s and I – but when got to the top they said they had to go down alone, the other rule – you had to wear their life jackets. Not our swimmers. Well the boys went down alone, Jude first – of course our fearless Jude led the way! As Toppy said well, “He came around with the biggest smile on his face and then when he realized it was going to dump him right into the water the fear of god passed over his face!’ They wouldn’t let us catch them at the bottom – so they were dumped out at the bottom and Jude doesn’t know how to swim in a normal life jacket – he was struggling/rolling around like the dough boy! Well it went pretty much the same wtih Finn. They loved the slide but got scared coming out. So we stuck to the little one and the boys probably did the slide 50 times. I know what I”ll be doing during the day in Dubai – Wild Wadi. The incredible water park, they have an area just for toddlers. I bet the boys will love it. Speaking of Dubai: Ryan has found our place, Cindy is coming into town tomorrow- we have a day to pack and then we’re off!

IMG_4353IMG_4423IMG_4425IMG_4592IMG_4515IMG_4533I almost forgot, I think this is the first time my new stroller debuted on the blog! I am so excited about our double umbrella. I have been sold on umbrella strollers for a while now. We’ve gone through multiple cheap ones from Babies R Us- the metal on the bottom kept warping!   I decided since we will have to be really smart with space, we need to downgrade from 3 umbrellas, a jogger, a mini car wagon/walker to just one double umbrella stroller – a good one. Ryan found a great deal off ebay, and I love the color! Way to go Cheri! Needless to say, I love it. I can have Royal reclined sleeping in one, and Jude in the other side. It’s light, fits through every doorway I’ve tried with ease. Yes. Yes. Yes.

IMG_4582 IMG_4516

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    • Petes! It was quite funny, he walked away-got in his stroller and then announced that he had to go say ‘Bye’ he then went back touched him again and said ‘bye, bye McQueen!” Jude really thought he was alive! His eyes move, and he talked! I can’t blame him, he really does move around as if he’s right out of the tvh

  1. The only ones that enjoyed this more than the boys were Giggi and Toppy. What a treat to be with you all before you move to the other side of the world!

    On my flight over to Seoul yesterday while suffering alone in business class, I kept thinking about you all on your 18 hour journey to Dubai…..thank the Lord that Cindy, the saint, has volunteered for duty! Oh what duty it is going to be.

    We will be thinking about you all!

    • Thanks again for the fun visit Gigi and Toppy! I can’t wait to call and give you the post flight report. It will be great knowing that long flight is just a memory. I’m sure it won’t be sooo bad, but excited to have it in my past not in my near future!!

  2. Yes, Peter as you know nothing holds a candle to McQueen! Thank you Heather for the wonderful visit and can’t wait to hear the details on your New Adventure…Good luck Cindy!

    • Cindy may need more than luck; maybe meds n a hospital! Actually, they’ll all survive quite well. It’s the other passengers who may have a long trip! Stories for everyone on the plane!

  3. Wow! Looks like you had a wonderful time – thank you to Gigi and Toppy for making this wonderful experience possible. Wish I could have seen Jude with the cars – probably the highlight of his life so far! Thanks for posting these photos, Heather. Can’t wait to see you all soon!

  4. these are all such wonderful pictures. so much fun! I bet the boys loved it!!!! I can just imagine little Jude with the Cars! we will be thinking of you constantly over the next couple days…praying for happy travels & a smooth transition! love you all so much.

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