Dubai Bound

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4 September 2013

Well, this is it! Grandma Cindy, the boys and I are off to Dubai tomorrow. My last night sleeping in our apartment. So excited to be together as a family once again. I have to admit, 10 days alone without Ryan was hard. It has made me appreciate him a lot. I don’t know how single parents do it! The boys have missed him, they ask every morning to call him on the computer. Regardless of how perfect the apartment is, or moving our belongings in, I just want to be with my other half. Grandma Cindy has saved me, already! I would have never been able to do this final push alone! We are going to be fine on this flight, we have tons of snacks, toys, movies, Jude food -all ready for the long 16 hour trek over there.

Next time you hear from us, who knows what the report will be! I hope it is a good one! Love you all, love you California, and love to all of you wonderful friends that we’ve been able to make here. I am pretty fearless when it came to deciding to jump – but when it comes to goodbyes I am a total wimp. So many tears! We are excited, but goodbyes are hard. 

I’ll try to take pictures, it will be quite the site. Cindy, myself, three boys, and eight HUGE duffels packed to nearly 50 pounds each. See you on the other side of the world Cheri!

4 responses

  1. Instant tears. It’s so hard saying goodbye to you – knowing you’ll be so far away – but our love is always with you!! We will be praying for you – for safe travels and for a smooth transition. You are a strong woman, Heather! I’m sure you guys will be great. Adelie, Kennedi, Nate and I are sending lots of love and positive energy your way! Wish we could help you with this huge move!! Love you tons!! xoxoxo

  2. Well, our first night in Dubai! The flight wasn’t nearly as hard as I was expecting. Surprisingly, the hardest part was just getting all our luggage through! LAX international is a nightmare, so struggs. I think I seriously might have pulled a muscle in my right arm- so painful! Staying in the Emirates Tower- unreals! What a treat Cheri! We made it until 4am then we woke up. All the boys are up! Woah jet lag!

    • Yay!!!!!!! So happy to have an update!!!!! Glad you’re all together again. We have been thinking about you all day. Hugs & kisses to all of you! xoxo

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