First Days In Dubai

I’ve taken pictures of course- but can’t quite locate my computer! We had a lot of bags, I know I keep saying that but it’s true the amount of luggage is a bit daunting. I really like Dubai, I am genuinely excited about it. I feel like it if I can be excited about it now, when the heat is so bad- which it isn’t actually that bad- but it’s hard to feel comfortable outside unless you’re swimming. Then, I am going to love it here in the winter months when it cools down.  We’ve had a small hiccup getting into our apartment, we are going to go stay with a family in the ward for a few days- no doubt that settling in will be a big challenge. A lot of stepping stones, but we will get there eventually! Love the people I’ve met here already. One big stone almost over- jet lag. We actually slept at the right times in the last 16 hours. Your body really feels it, the kids could have been worse. They were challenging at times,ate at this popular place called The Noodle House. Yum! It’s 7 am here, I have been laying in bed excited to go get our complementary breakfast, which is this amazing buffet filled with some of my favorites: miso soup, smoked salmon, egg white omelettes: yes it was so good I actually ate two omelettes! I loved their faux bacon, which was actually beef since they don’t eat pork in the Middle East. Finn loved trying the dragon fruit along with two other types that ill admit that not even I had tried before! Favorite outing yesterday, the Dubai mall really is absolutely breath taking! I haven’t even seen the aquarium yet! These buildings really are gorgeous in person, my favorite so far… I love the DIFC- it is just so substantial! As well as The Burj Al Arab of course!


Typed on the iPad whIch I highly dislike. Miss you, Ryan bought me a phone! Will send over phone number soon!

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