Entering Dubai

IMG_4745This is right around the corner from where Ryan works. The Burj Kalifa (tallest building in the world) is just across this man made canal, right behind Ryan. It’s so huge you really can’t quite capture it in a picture if you are close! We are moving close to this area. (Give or take five minutes) It will be a good fit for us. An enjoyable place to walk, watch the fountains outside- easy access to air conditioning if its hot. Wow their air conditioning is amazing! IMG_466910 September 2013

Hey there! Well, we live in Dubai now. We did it! Hooray, we made it safe and sound, and no there wasn’t any intense culture shock. I think my expectations were very well calibrated because nearly everything has exceeded my expectations – except for the fact that we still aren’t in an apartment. But, in all honesty we knew that was a possibility. Tomorrow I am going to a brunch with some women and one of them mentioned on the phone tonight that they had to stay in a hotel for a whole month when they first moved here! I can’t wait to chat with women, mothers that have walked this same path, relocating to another country is hard work. I feel very drained. I’m physically and emotionally tired. Even though I have so much stuff to go through, today I dedicated solely to giving the boys tons of attention because boy did they need it! They responded really well and had a great day.

IMG_4690We are slowly figuring everything out. The fact that we are posting unfortunately by no means that life has slowed down and we’ve landed. I just hate getting too far behind on my pictures and this is one thing I can control. I know I will feel better after putting a little bit about our last week up here.

IMG_4767 IMG_4813 IMG_4790 IMG_4811IMG_4734 IMG_4760IMG_4680Cindy left yesterday, that was our last goodbye. Dubai is what I expected, even better in a lot of ways. The journey over here though was harder in ways I didn’t expect and easier in a lot of ways. For example, I thought I would be emotionally drained, I mean 16 hour flight! But, I really wasn’t – well I was but it could have been much worse. What I didn’t expect was to be so physically drained. Cindy had great energy, and a great attitude through a lot of hard moments. It is already late here, besides watching the boys all day – feeding, washing, clothing them, and playing in the pool – this is the first thing of a very long list of things to attend to. So I have to keep things brief.


In short we are good. Tired. The boys (Finn and Jude) have adjusted pretty well already to the time change. Royal James and I have a long way to go. We have signed on an apartment and are just waiting for the current tenant to move out. We hope to only have to be an a hotel for a week. Ryan is loving work, he is working on some great projects. I think once we move into our apartment, albeit small it’s in a great location I think we’ll be really happy here!

IMG_4699On a final note, baby Royal James. Oh my goodness this boy is a mommas boy. He seriously wants my undivided attention all day. He doesn’t even like riding in the stroller, he wants to be on the body. Quick funny story. We were out exploring: checking out the huge aquarium at the Dubai mall and we grabbed some Lebanese food. It’s a casual place, cafeteria style. Well, you can’t breast feed in public – even if you’re covered up. I mean if I’m in a car that’s one thing, but I couldn’t just do my thing under the bjorn. Royal went crazy, screaming! He never gets refused the breast, if you know me. You know. So I stand up try to walk him around and Royal is feisty! Finn just starts yelling out, “Mom! He wants the breast! Give him the breast!” Oh man, only my son knows to call it ‘the breast.’ I could see him yelling and I was watching his lips and I thought, oh man. I think he’s saying ‘He wants the breast!’ I walk back and Cindy and Ryan are having a serious talk with Finn suppressing big grins.


Lots more photos to share. This barely even gives you a sense. So much I have left out, but I have spent too much time already! Ah! Soon. Love. Lots of love from me- Hb!

8 responses

  1. I’m so glad that you guys made it there safely. It’s great to see some pictures of what life is like for you over there. Hang in there. Thanks for taking a little time to post. I was waiting anxiously to see how things were going. Love and miss you guys! ~Kaitlyn

    • Kaitlyn! I’m so sad I wasn’t able to hang out with you before I left. The last four days are a total blur. I wanted to call you! I am so glad I got to see you at Cafe Rio. Your boys are so cute, the good news I think my kids are at their most intense stage of life – so when we are in California visiting it won’t be so challenging to hang out! I really am planning on coming back to California in the summer. Keep up all your great posts on the blog, it looks great!

  2. I cant believe all these photos!! It still hasn’t hit me that you are all actually living in Dubai!! I can’t imagine what it was like to travel with all those boys, luggage, and high flying emotions!! 😉 ha. You are one amazing woman HB!! Hope work is going well Ry! So crazy you guys! I loved the story with Finn yelling “He wants the breast!” So funny!!! haha I was laughing so hard!! Love you guys! Be safe!!!!!!!!

  3. Its so great seeing pictures of you guys….and you’re new start! Looks like an incredible place. I love the picture of Royal looking out of the window. Hope you have a good week, and get settled in soon. Thanks for taking the time to post – I’m sure you are both so exhausted. It’s great hearing (and seeing) updates! Love ya.

  4. Like the pictures of my beautiful wife! Life tends to ebb and flow…and ebb and flow. This will get easier! You guys are heroic and will land in a good place! Love, Dad

  5. Thanks for posting!! You have been on our minds!! I hope things start to sort out and you can get into that apartment!!

    Even in chaos, you still have a great sense of humor! Love the story!

  6. Great choice of pictures, HB! I am home and doing great, although I have a serious case of little boy withdrawal! How amazing that you are now living on the other side of the world… You amazed me most, Heather! Your continual positivity is an inspiration for all. You and Ryan make a great team. I miss and love you so much and count last week as one of the great privileges and highlights of my life. Hugely challenging, and exciting as well. This leap of faith is big! But I have confidence that you will succeed and learn great lessons along the way. Rich blessings await your hard work. Stay humble and grateful, Mom

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