Swimming in the Gulf

IMG_489015  September 2013

Turns out that swimming in the Gulf is going to be a lot of fun. The gulf is so warm! Wow! I didn’t expect the sand to feel so good, or to have so many shells on the beach. The boys and I love looking for treasure! (Finding big shells). In California there were shells but they were typically quite small or the big ones were hard to come by.

IMG_5029IMG_5036 IMG_5072 IMG_5085I bought the boys a pair of sunglasses at REI before we came out. The sun is STRONG here. I figured the day would eventually come that when I offered them sunglasses they would want to keep them on. Finn actually asked for his, and Jude has always been pretty good at keeping sunglasses on. Our temporary housing is really close to the beach so after work we’ve walked down on along the beach. Although, most nights Ryan has gotten home after the sun has set. I have been so tired! I’ll be asleep by 8:30! The sun usually sets around 7 o’clock here. We don’t have day light savings here in Dubai, which is interesting.

The boys loved the gulf. Everyone is always commenting on our floaties out here. These things are the best, what would I do without our puddle jumpers. Those lame arm floaties do not work that well. As you can tell the surf break is really small so the kids could run in on their own. It is shallow regardless, so the boys weren’t very intimidated. Royal James loved sitting in the surf break!

IMG_5084This week I have been to: the grocery store on my own, to church by msyelf, and I’ve taken the boys to the pool a lot! We go by taxi of course, there are taxis everywhere. We really probably won’t be buying a second car for a year or two. If we have one that’s fine! It is so easy to catch a taxi, and relatively inexpensive unless you’re going out to the desert. Most of the people I’ve met in Dubai so far live a little out of the city towards the desert because you can get bigger apartments/villas that are more affordable. We’ll see, but we probably won’t ever do that. You know us and location – we like being close to where we want to go.

IMG_5052The hardest thing about this move so far has been (well aside from the general fatigue of jet lag) controlling the boys. It feels like they are fighting/playing/wrestling so much! I think it’s the nature of boys coupled with boredom. Finn seems to be acting out a little. They all need  so much attention. Between packing everything up, traveling, and wanting to get organized the boys just haven’t been my only focus. It seems like one grab of someones arm, or slap on the back then leads to this:

IMG_5055Biting and scratching!! Ah! Who are these boys? They aren’t mine!

I can recognize, I felt some real insecurity over the last week.  I have doubted my ability to control the boys. When I am in public I literally feel embarrassed. I have had to slow things way down -do absolutely nothing the whole day except watch and micromanage everything the boys do, family now you know why there have been like no phone calls! I constantly redirect their behavior when they want to fight. I feel better about things now, but I haven’t done anything in the last fours days for myself aside from this blog post. They are great kids, but a move like this takes a toll. I would be lying if I pretended other wise. Thankfully with the help of a lot of neosporine, Finn’s scratches all over his face are starting to heal and my self esteem is coming back up. As this one Australian parenting article I read a year or two ago said, ‘don’t underestimate TIME OUT! Even if you have to give seven time outs before 8 am. I guarantee it will be a better day!’ So that’s where we are at. I feel much happier because I have a better handle on the boys, but… I don’t really know how I am going to get anything unpacked because leaving them to their one devices isn’t really an option right now. I have some ideas in the works, I’ll let you know how they play out. Pardon my honesty!

IMG_5063IMG_5082A lot of the beaches are a part of a beach club. Which is nice so that the boys can shower, or play in the pool. All the pools are chilled and feel amazing. The weather is slowly getting ready to change which means wind. Many of the people I come across say, ‘Oh here comes the wind! Getting ready for the weather change!’ Come November it’s supposed to be pretty incredible weather. As Grandma Cindy can attest to, the weather can feel pretty oppressive. We lucked out with a strong breeze, we also stayed in the water most of the time. 

IMG_5038Just got back from the pool. My favorite part of Dubai so far is the people that I have met. Such fascinating people, everyone. I love it, I love. I really love Dubai. To be continued…..

4 responses

  1. Great post Heather – thank you for sharing these photos. I know you weren’t done with the blog post, but what can you do when the boys literally lit your laptop on fire?! Excited for that post!

    Also…although the narrative was certainly accurate as to the general state of the boys, they were in fact playing and giving each other raspberries, not biting! Lots of happy play between them as well!

  2. It is wonderful you love Dubai. The beach looks amazing. We miss the boys, even their moments of fighting. Sounds like you are on your way!!!

  3. Heather, you look sooooo good after your 3 babies! I don’t have little ones yet, but when I do I now know who to ask for advice!! Jealous.

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