Keep Calm Carry On


16 September 2013

Sorry about cutting that last blog post to such an abrupt end. Would you believe it but my lap top actually caught fire!? The wireless works best if you are in the front room/kitchen. The boys can be quite rough on the computer so I had moved it up high on the counter in the kitchen and it was overlapping with the stove top. My fault, I had never put it there before but in the moment it felt like a good idea. Stupid! Somehow one of the boys had played with the knobs and actually turned on the stovetop. Well the heat spread and caught part of the computer and the whole thing started burning up. It really got my battery that thing was completely black and was flaming! I snapped a picture but haven’t loaded it yet. It was crazy. Luckily I had backed up my computer before I came to Dubai so we could load my entire computer on a new computer if I wanted to – I think I’m okay. Love that Time Machine on apple. Oh well, carry on. I think it shows a lot about how stressful things are because I was definitely a little disheartened but not that much. We have something else we can use. Life right now is literally lived a day at a time. We should be able to move into our apartment in two days. Woot, woot! Picking up our stuff from the port will probably take another week, I guess you can’t even get it through customs until you show your VISA which hasn’t arrive yet. Oh well, ‘Keep Calm and Cary On!’ That’s in my head because I see it everywhere here in Dubai, walking along the shops in the Marina and in the Mall. I think it’s everywhere in general but I’m not surprised that it would here. There are a lot of people from the U.K. and given that it is a quote from war propaganda posters in England that it was sell well.

This photo below is from the boys and I first outing alone in Dubai. We met some girls for brunch. It was early and the boys were still a little jet lagged – not Royal James obviously. Look at the face. I have met some amazing women already here in Dubai. Wow. I knew that Dubai could be good for us, but wow. I have been truly taken aback by the breadth of some of these people. The richness they have in their life. One new friend I have made just got back from spending a year in Saudi Arabia. It’s been incredible just talking about her experience there, getting a feel for it without actually having to go there was fascinating. Most of the Arab people you see here are on holiday from Saudi Arab for one of the other GCC’s – (I believe that’s Gulf Coast Countries) I’m loving picking up on some of the jargon people use.

IMG_4862IMG_4976Still loving looking out the window!

IMG_4989Off to church! I am VERY excited to get my shoes back. I forgot to leave even one pair of heels out.

-1In the picture I’m eating a very tasty crepe, more like scarfing it down. Getting enough is a bit of a challenge at the the moment.  Speaking of tastiness, I had QUITE the afternoon today. The boys and I met dad at the office for lunch. He took the kids so I could go eat lunch with a colleague of Ryan’s that I’ve made friends with. We went and got tea at Lauduree (the infamous french bakery that has the most divine macaroons). Wow. We had rose tea, and a nice plate of macaroons. It was glorious. I was a bit surprised to find out that the manager of Dior would be joining us to discuss this charity event the firm is having. All in all delightful company, just a little out of body. I had spent the whole morning chasing the boys in the pool and hadn’t washed my hair in a day or two. I could have looked worse. At least I was somewhat put together, it was nice to get a feel for what the tone is like working at his firm. 

IMG_4985There’s our lawyer. Candid shot. The sexy, slightly disheveled Cheri. Things will be settling in the next week, and we’ll all be able to take a bit more care of ourselves. I sent out Ryan’s dry cleaning today and will have some clean clothes for him hopefully by tomorrow. These two in one washer/dryers are a pain to figure out. I think I’ve figure out that you can only put a little in the load to get it to dry as well. Some of you may not know this, but nearly all apartment don’t have dryers in them. They have a machine that does both: wash and dry. Although many people just hang dry their clothes.

IMG_4925-3For you Grandma Cindy! This is outside Momosa, this beautiful flower shop. Cindy and I walked through multiple times while she was here. It’s in the Dubai Mall. They get shipments in every morning from Berlin. Their flowers are amazing. Hydrangeas in every color, peonies, orchids… just amazing flowers! So the mall thing really is crazy there is Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates as well as Marina Mall and a few more small ones that I haven’t been too. The Mall of the Emirates has the indoor ski resort that I just saw a day or two. It was pretty busy. I didn’t get an ample chance to take pictures. You will see in due time. It is all very impressive.

-2iphone shot from Cindy. Happy boys!  Even the clouds here look different!


8 responses

  1. Royal is looking like such a big Boy! The story about the fire and the computer…very concerning, I am so glad you are getting help No more trying to be Super Mom all the time….love you miss you all and the dress is soooo beautiful but not as beautiful as You!!! Love you

  2. Looks like Royal is looking for Tom Cruise (MI 3)! Hope he doesn’t pop thru the window! Glad you r able to get out a little more. Can’t wait to see pix of the indoor snow skiing!

  3. We’ll be sleeping in our apartment tonight, hooray! We will be on air mattresses, but we are moving forward. YA!! I get to unpack, so excited! Truth be told I haven’t even seen our apartment so that will be a lot of fun. I can’t wait to report back. Ryan is totally slammed at work, it’s the busiest week he’s had here. When it rains it pours! We just have to make it through the next few days!

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