In Our New Apartment

IMG_518526 September 2013

Second night in our apartment. I like our place! We’ll be able to make this into a wonderful home, yes the space is small but it has what I need: a good location, some sort of workable space for Royal James, and open. Check, check, and check! I am feeling very thankful that we are finally in our place. This has been a long time coming, thank you Cheri for working so hard to get us into a home. There is a real sense of peace knowing that you get to stay there, no need to extend for two more days the place is yours! No we don’t own the apartment but there shouldn’t be any problem with us staying here for the next 9 months.

In true Dubai fashion it’s the wild west out here. Life is filled with big highs, for example Ryan got to go on ‘Dubai Eye’ a radio talk show and discuss… something about getting your money out of your investment properties when they go South. There are also harder days i.e. finding out your stuff gets to go into customs for a second time. (Quick update on that: current forecast is saying Saturday to get our furniture) Not that I need more to unpack – I didn’t get like any done today and I have 10 huge duffel bags. Aye, aye, aye! But beds and pillows will be nice. For some reason our last night’s sleep was quite painful!

IMG_5199We woke up this morning and watched these guys for a good hour plus. I love watching Jude sit in a corner and just look out the window. The outside really comes in and it’s fun to just sit on the floor and look out the window. We won’t have any furniture in here so there is quite the echo. As many of you can imagine my children’s screams, they do not need any amplifying!

Royal James likes the new place! Oh how I love, love, love this baby bear of mine! He is such a good boy for his mom. Trying oh so hard to relish this stage. My capacity of handling the boys alone is growing, I have liked our simple outings so far.

IMG_5190IMG_5156This is entitled – “Homeless” . Headed to the metro with Jude eating a bowl of cereal. No, the Corn Flakes do not follow the Jude diet. We were improvising. This same afternoon we had to be checked out of our hotel and Ryan had this client fly in from L.A and was in meetings ALL day. He finally was able to slip out at 7:30 – really not bad but we had no where to go. I had to kill like five or six hours! The boys and I went and hit up TGI Fridays, I thought the boys would like it, and boy was I right. Right when we walked in- both boys just went running up to the waitresses and hugged them! I think they saw their Mickey Mouse badges and they immediately thought this is like Disney Land!IMG_5110IMG_5091The Dubai Fountain show still hasn’t gotten old. Jude always says, “More, More!” Strangely the boys LOVE the mall. I need to take advantage of that while they do. They could ride escalators all day. I swear if they see one and I don’t take it they start screaming. At one point we were riding escalators up and down for a bit!


IMG_5176Dad, looking good like usual. All and all we are moving forward. It’s funny in hindsight I was so worried about being able to unpack our stuff and make our little home. In present time that’s the least of my worries. Eventually we will get there, it’s funny how stress is all so relative. We will have it no matter what, whether we are stressing about small stuff or huge things (to us) that is. Ryan has been chuckling over there, he knows when I’m in real blog mode when my breathing goes in ‘huff’s and ‘puff’s. I think I tend to hold my breath when I am thinking hard because if I think about it… I do feel a touch light headed. So long for now. Much love, Hb.

IMG_5135My Mr. Finn is seriously too much! A few stories to remember. Finn is picking up on ALL of these random Arabic words and names of places. i.e. Rashidia. He says, “I want to go to the Dubai and go to Rashidia!” They say Rashidia as the direction we are heading towards on the Metro. Secondly, Finn likes to ask our taxi drivers EVERY time we are in a taxi for “More AC!” He would slide in and say, “Gloria Hotel! Oh and more AC!” Too funny, nearly every person that we talk to asks me if the boys are twins. I feel like a bit of a broken record with my one liner jokes about the boys. Finn always comes in with some sort of punch line, it makes me laugh so hard – because then I have to translate because most people can’t quite pick up his 3 year old chatter box language. Finally, of course there are a lot of tall buildings in Dubai so naturally we ride a lot of elevators. Well Finn has quickly learned that doors close FAST. He is the elevator holder, you have never seen a boy more smooth at holding an elevator. It is a crack up. He goes in first holds the elevator for me while I go in the stroller or if I go out first he will be right by my side slippery like a snake holding the elevator with his arm – oh I wish I could get it on video. Alright, the boys are asleep. I need to slip out to the grocery store. Final photo – we snapped two or three pictures before we went to bed last night. Look who joined me for our list picture: an escapee from the tub!

IMG_518911 o’clock at night – I was quite hammered. Poor Hb been using hotel shampoo for nearly three weeks. I have seen better days! Final phot0 – the view from our last hotel. Look at the massive private yacht! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a boat so big!

6 responses

  1. Great stories! Sounds like u r making the most of the escalators and elevators! Love that Finn is assertive with the AC! Forgot about the fountains. Glad u made it into the apt!

    Three cheers for Rashidia!

    • Oh, yes. Congrats, Ryan–quite the achievement to get on the radio. I was working 15 years before being thrown to the media (due to striking union). Fast track, indeed.

  2. Glad to hear an update!! I was wondering when the next one would be. I feel so much more at ease knowing you have a place to move into now!! You look like you’re handling everything so well!

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