Creating Our Home/Picking Up Our Container

-730  September 20103

Ryan had to drive all the way out to the dessert to unload the container onto different smaller trucks . Apparently there is no unloading or loading in the DIFC, ssecurity reasons. I guess the idea is that they don’t want someone driving up with a huge truck full of explosives, I like the rule. 

We live on the 47th floor of a tower called the Index Tower in the DIFC. It’s 5 minutes away from Ryan’s work, that is proving to be very nice!

-6 -16 Visiting Dad on his lunch break! He really does work so close to The Burj Kalifa and Dubai Mall. It’s a nice area to go to. I like only being a $3 taxi ride away. It’s easy to call a taxi and go over. When the weather cools down a bit we’ll be outside all day, but while it is still hot it’s a great place to go. I’ve discovered it’s a lot of fun to go during the week- but on the weekends it’s nice being where a lot of the people aren’t, and that is not the malls. -15I have rode the metro a lot with the boys, they love it. Jude calls it the ‘choo choo train!’ They have a women and family carriage which I like a lot. We’ve gone at rush hour before and I have no problem being crammed in next to tons of other women. A lot of these Muslim women I see here in Dubai have a lot of kids as well, it makes me feel in good company – many nice encouraging smiles. I would much rather be in there with a Muslim family then some middle aged single working woman from Europe who gives me a look like she just smelled something bad.  I have gotten used to the stink eye glares and whispers as I walk by. It’s interesting how I want to just look back at them. I’ve come across a lot of selfish people.


IMG_5291We finally received our shipping container. We live in the DIFC area, which is like living in a Swiss Bank – no joke. The security in this place is intense. So, getting our stuff in was actually quite the challenge. By some miracle we got our things into our apartment, we didn’t have all the documentation at the time our stuff came, nor movers! Ryan found two guys to help him off the side of the road! You couldn’t really blame us, they called out of the blue and said it was on its way. It came Saturday afternoon, Ryan was meeting with a client at a famous hotel down in the Marina area so I thought I was going to have to orchestrate the move in by myself. It turned out Ryan made it back in time. Of course, it’s Dubai which means nobody comes when they actually say they come-the delays in this situation actually played to our favor.

IMG_5217Here are the movers!

IMG_5209 IMG_5258_2 Getting rid of the cardboard remnants on Ryan’s lunch break! Ripping open all those boxes, we had only one small steak knife! We found the knife block shortly after. Ryan has been working hard at work, he has had a great week at work so far. Every day brings something new, that’s for sure!

First morning with our stuff, super early I walk out to the front room – the boys have found the paint in one of the boxes! Gasp, turn… GASP, turn another GASP! Paint all over the cardboard, and all over a lot of the tile floor. It was fine no harm done, but goodness! Do I have my hands full or what?!IMG_5236 IMG_5231 IMG_5227 IMG_5219We moved all the stuff in while the boys were sleeping. It was late by the time Ryan actually made it to our door with our stuff. First he had to move it off the container and then he moved it from a second set of trucks into elevators, up and into our house. Good work love. Success! Still can’t believe you got through!

 IMG_53113 days later and we slowly getting a  handle on some of our stuff. We have a lot! One of the biggest challenges is that we shipped all of our electronics. I’ve already fried my hair dryer and our air purifier, ‘The Orick’ as I’ve called it in the past. So sad! The 240 Voltage is going to be a real problem. We will have to buy voltage adapters for our TV/DVD/Lamps. I think a lot of my kitchen electronics I”ll be putting in storage for a while. The kitchen space is quite tight as it is. We’ll see. But that’s the status on moving things in!


7 responses

  1. What a wild and crazy adventure you are having you guys!! Glad the boys are doing their part to keep things lively…oh my gosh I can’t believe you even OWN paint you good mama you…

    • When we found the catastrophe this morning Ryan said to me, “We own paint!!?” I said, “Well…. just these ones! I kept them really hidden!” Needless to say the paint when into the garbage and our home is paint free for the next, well who knows how long!

  2. So many boxes. You have so much to do, sorry I am not there to do Gigi magic. Very proud of You!!!! Oh, how I miss you all—

  3. Way to go, son, getting all the belongings out of port and up 47 floors with all the roadblocks! You are one determined man, Ryan! SO proud of you! Kudos to the hard working strangers hired off the side of the road! Good men! I’m sure you paid them well. I have never prayed as much as these last 3 weeks. Truly this was an answer to prayer. You’ve needed a few miracles, and you got them! I am so relieved and grateful. Ryan, love the shirt… Good choice! Handsome boy of mine! 🙂

  4. Wow! What a move!!!! I really wish I could be there to help you…so much unpacking! It’s great it’s all in your place now! It was so wonderful talking to you this morning, Heather! I miss you dearly. It made my day to catch up with you!! Love you tons.

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