Our Afternoons Here in Index

IMG_56067 October 2013, 

Hello, hello from the forty-seventh floor of the Index Tower. I thought I’d put up a few pictures of what we’re up to when we aren’t out and about at one of the malls! Truth be told after a few weeks of being here you just succumb to being in the comfortable air conditioning. It’s already started cooling down and we’ll be spending many of our days at the park or beach very soon!  Every pool you go to in Dubai has a life guard on duty. No matter how small or remote there will be a life guard there. I really like our life guard at this pool, we’ve met a few now during our many weeks staying in hotels. Today when we got down to the pool Jude saw him and ran over and threw his arms around him and gave him the biggest hug. Jude truly is something special. When he is not whining – he is a pure delight! I have been working really hard at setting limits and those limits say: Crying and whining do not get you what you want! 

IMG_5619 Truth be told the boys love the shower maybe even more than the pool! They have these sweet open showers for post swims and the boys love the enclosed double shower. IMG_5618IMG_5599 IMG_5603 IMG_5611 And when evening draws near…. bring out the dance club lights. It is sweet. Ryan and I are going to enjoy swimming laps in this pool!IMG_5608Everyday after Jude wakes up from his nap and I hear him starting to stir Finn and I turn to each other say, “Is there a NORWEGIAN in this house??!” And Cougar will yell from his little sleeping closet/room and say: “YES!” Oh Finn loves to do it. I think it makes Cougar feel special. I will miss doing that every day. IMG_5596IMG_5654 IMG_5649 IMG_5617 - Version 2IMG_5614 IMG_5613IMG_5589Quick funny story: We’ve met a lot of people that ask me what the boys’ names are. Often times the people we are talking do not have English as their first language so I find myself repeatedly telling people their names. In this instance, our friend the Lifeguard here seems to be under the impression that Mr Finn is actually Mr. Phil! I tried repeatedly over five minutes to try and explain the boys names, but by the time we got to Royal I gave up and said, ‘his name is James’. So when we go swimming he calls the boys: Mr. Phil, Mr. Jude, and Mr. James. Oh it’s a fun time. He really is such a nice guy, when he sees us coming he walks up and helps me down the set of stairs. It’s actually really helpful having another set of eyes to watch the kids. 


Tonight was the first night that Ryan got off before 6. He had a meeting with a potential client and was really close by. What a treat to have him around. When Finn sees people walking up in a suit now from a distance he will say: “Is that my Daddy?!” He think everyone in a suit is Dad from 50 yards out, it’s cute. 

A few random tid bits –

This is our front door. You might not be able to tell but it’s actually massive. We both saw it for the first time and were like, “That’s a big door!”


I posted this picture on Instagram  I really do think it’s so cute. Jude’s new BF, Bodi from church. They were playing around the building and walked out like this. Hand in hand! Precious. I love his mom too, she’s great. Their family just moved here from Saudi Arabia. That’s been fascinating hearing about. His dad is in the Young Mens with Ryan so we’ll get to know them a lot. Honestly, if  we can have just one or two couples that we enjoy spending time with here in Dubai we will be okay and we already do. So, so incredibly thankful. 

IMG_20131004_125618 IMG_20131006_184042

This – is classic. It may not be the Citrus Park but the boys sure do get a kick out of it. Many nights we meet Ryan at his work at 6 o’clock. He works right along side the Souk Al Bahar which is directly adjacent to the Dubai mall so often times we’ll do a nice walk through the mall and people watch, catch the fountain show, grab our 5 dirham gelato, pick up a few groceries at Waitrose, and… see this guy. The Hulk at the Virgin store. I don’ t know where the hours ago but seriously all the sudden it will be 9:30 and we’re all exhausted and we crawl into bed. 

Oh and… try on shark hats.

IMG_20131003_193639 IMG_20131003_120127Meet the staff at threads and tailors. Ryan knew of this place last summer. He had been in last summer and seen their prices, so when we knew for sure we would be coming out here Ryan wanted to hold out on buying any new suits because he wanted to hit up this place. It’s a great value and you not only get a new suit but a hand stitched, bespoke suit! Ryan is looking like a million bucks these days. IMG_20131003_120350Oh and just you wait… I’ll sneak down to the 30th floor and capture Cheri in action working out in the gym! Don’t we all want some pictures of mon petit chou pumping some iron! Haha! No, I won’t do that, well I don’t think so,  but it is me! We both really have loved working out in the gym. It’s nice. 


Mr Finn: “Can I take your order? What do you want for breakfast? Pizza?” 

2 responses

  1. What a great post!

    Love to see the boys smiling–evidence that they’re settling in and having some fun! Looks like Royal, err–James, is packing on some pounds! (And that’s a good thing!!)

    Love the shark hats!

    Looking forward to seeing that new suit!

    Good job keeping up with the boys Heather!


  2. Yippee, another blogpost!! Grandma is happy yessiree! And believe it or not, I have already met that lifeguard the first day we saw Index Tower… So, so nice! But most of all, I am loving the NORWEGIAN nickname, of course! Proud of that feisty heritage! Way to go, Cougar! Glad to see Ryan is ordering a new suit, what about a sand or tan color, in the heat there it would look so nice! Don’t much care for the hulk, personally… The shark is much cuter! Looking for a Halloween costume for Mr. James??? Probably no trick or treating in Dubai! HB looks like you’re doing a great job keeping those boys busy! Good mama!
    We love and miss you all! Keep those posts coming!

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