You’re A Good Boy!


A letter for you Mr Finn.

Dear Mr Finn,

Thank you my precious boy for being such a wonderful cheerleader. I hope you know when you are older how much I appreciated and loved your company especially during this first month in Dubai. You’ve been so great as I have been figuring everything out! You will randomly nearly every day turn to me or your dad and say, “You’re a good mom” or “You’re a good Daddy!”. I think you learned that from your Dad because he tells me that all the time -but it always makes me feel so wonderful inside. When we read the BFG together, or I make you a sandwich or I am ripping apart a box you will tell me, “You’re a good mom!” Thank you my sweet Mr Finn. You are are a good boy! I don’t tell you nearly as much as you tell me – You are good, my sweet, sweet boy. You are being such a wonderful big brother. I remember our therapists say that siblings can be the best teachers and I am in awe of you lately! Teaching Jude how to ask for things, asking to see his eyes, not engaging in any rough play. You are saving your mothers sanity. You are only three, and you are an incredible help to me EVERY DAY! Holding the elevator doors for me, walking nearly the entire duration of our outings so I don’t have to carry Royal on my chest. You have such little legs, and yet you walk miles with me in the Dubai Mall! Yet you are the one cheering me on when we’ve bit off a lot during an outing, always so patient. Not to mention, you are always the last to be fed.  I promise you don’t have to be perfect all the time, you will have your seasons of being hard on your mom once again. I am sure of that. But for now, thank you Mr. Thank you for being such a good little boy. I love you, forever!

IMG_7603Sorry if that seemed so over the top, but it’s so true. I would be completely selfish and silly if I didn’t take a small moment to acknowledge and express appreciation for Finn being so good lately. 

My cute friend Jessica took a few pictures at one of our favorite parks in California right before we moved out here. I have always thought the boys looked so cute in their linen outfits. We rarely take pictures of them in their church clothes. It was worth the time getting them ready just so we could get this one picture of Ryan and the boys!

IMG_7583_8x10 - Version 2Speaking of Ryan and the boys, they are currently out getting their hair cut! We have Eid next week so Ryan has a few days off of work. Excited to take this time to finish moving into our apartment. They needed hair cuts so bad, look how long Mr Finn’s hair is, Ah!

IMG_5711We enjoyed our first REAL walk outside the other night. It must have only been 80 degrees. It felt A-MAZING! I have heard recently from people that the mornings and evenings actually require a jacket. It feels chilly. Woot, woot for cooler temperatures.

IMG_5732IMG_5726$10 Amazing pizza right to your door? Yes, please! This new restaurant just moved into the area and their chef is supposedly this well known guy from Naples. Their prices were pretty good, so gave it try. We all loved it! Especially Mr Finn. Finn loves being the first to open the pizza box. I’m amazed that all the food we deliver will still be piping hot when it gets here.

IMG_5728 IMG_5691Royal JamesMr Finn lately has returned to calling him, “King James!”  What is with babies and bathrooms. My goodness Royal James! We have gone through probably 10 rolls of toilet paper because of you. How do you keep getting a hold of those? He sticks them in the toilet or rolls them apart. Despite our best efforts we have yet to tame this destructive bear. We are at the peek of the destruction bathroom phase! IMG_5676Jude  is still eating A LOT of chicken. His bowels are doing well, I am going to get them checked out by the end of the year. His stomach seriously is SO sensitive. My goodness!

IMG_5713Bad News Bears Royal James, this isn’t your moms first time around the block. You’re going to have to do better than that!

IMG_5665Probably the most significant news is, our home really feels like ‘home’ now. All thanks, to the BOSE! We have our music back. Mr Finn is excited as well. That Young Victoria Soundtrack is probably what I have missed listening to the most, as well as our Best of Yo Yo Ma CD that we had on our iPod. When I turned it on for the first time it felt like getting air. It’s funny how people have their things that make them feel grounded and present. I honestly am fine with my house not being perfectly clean, or being backed up on laundry, but ah no music?! I did not like having no music! I’m a happy girl!


Thanks again Jess. I love this picture of Cheri and I! I’m so excited for baby girl to arrive. I’ll be blog stalking! Here is her photography site, she’s really talented.

2 responses

  1. ill be the first to request a separate blog entry on ryans new boots. those are BOMBER! i’ve got some shoes like that but those boots are classy. we need to hear more about them.
    great pics! finn is such a sweet kid.

  2. Heather, every time I read this post (and I have, several times) I cry… For how much I love that little man Finn and his brothers, and what a great family you 5 have together! But then I look at that little Royal and I laugh, he is such a character and so love able! Wish you could get a picture of Jude and his curtain antics… Whatever you do, no curtains to hide in for awhile please! Those three are quite the mischief-makers… And lovers! Sure do miss you! That picture of you Heather is super! I remember those trees on the boulevard with the lights. Your friend Jess did an awesome job with the family photos… She’s got talent… And great subject matter! Can’t wait to see the haircuts. You know me… Love that short hair.

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