The Norman Foster Building

IMG_581914 October 2013

I knew there must be a lot to learn about the architect who designed our building, but there are tons of incredible unique buildings and I had barely begun to dent the surface of even seeing these places. In passing I had told a new friend that we lived in The Index Tower and she in turn said, “You live in the Norman Foster building!” Well I have since gone home and read up on Norman Foster. He is a renowned architect from the UK. He’s actually really famous. His firm has been a part of some ground breaking projects. His projects are easy to recognize for their simple, modern, and in my opinion – masculine design. Aside from the Emirates Towers, and The Burj Kalifa I have been surprised to learn that we probably live in one of the most famous (in regards to Architects) buildings. I’m coming to love the Index more and more. Norman Foster has buildings on six continents, and they’ve won over 600 awards. In the world of architecture, he’s considered by far one of the top ten’s most creative. There is a very similar looking building in Spain, obviously also a Norman Foster. One of my favorite things is that The Index is built on the axis of the sun so the exposure of the sun isn’t head on. The indirect light is lovely. If you wanted to know a little about Norman Foster, now you do! The photo of Finn above is at the base of the building.

IMG_5889We will be spending a lot of this Eid holiday at the beach. At our last trek to the Dubai Mall I took a few pictures so you can see what I’m talking about. I say trek because we are easily in there for four hours. There are so many spots the boys love to hit up and run around. They have many kids areas. Here are a few pics of a normal afternoon beating the heat.

IMG_5829Often times our first stop is either the fountain show, or the aquarium. After the aquarium we’ll mossy on over to see this guy. The crocodile! He actually roars, moves his tail and snaps his jaws. The boys won’t let us walk by without paying him a hello.

IMG_5945If the boys are good I let them run around in this store for a while. They have many toys to play with, legos, a bounce house, and a play ground area. They play Disney songs throughout the store really loud. The staff all know and love the boys. It’s nice wherever we go everyone makes them feel really special. The boys are so good, they know we can’t buy the toys. I never have any trouble with them, we just waive to them goodbye and say ‘See you next time!’ Although I did find a Superman lunch box very sneakily snuck into the stroller once!IMG_5940IMG_5932 IMG_5916Of course it seems like any toy store especially here in Dubai always has a entire section of the store committed to McQueen. Seriously, the kids go crazy.

The Dubai Mall actually has an official kids section that is home to a roller coaster ride, a bunch of games, Kidzania, and a movie theater. I’m telling you, the Dubai Mall is huge! I haven’t even shown you pictures of the ice rink – and this isn’t even the mall with the Ski Slope inside!

Okay, the scene below, Mr Finn playing his FAVORITE game! Oh he LOVES it! In regards to how Finn is doing in Dubai, he really seems to be thriving. We are working hard at scoping out preschools. Don’t worry, we’ll get him in something. He’s a lucky boy it’s a good life: we read a lot, get to eat out a little  more, and he gets to play fun games like this. He talks about this Batman game all the time. He knows if we go here you only get to play 1 game! So choose wisely – most of the games are only three or four Durhams.

IMG_5862 “The Batman Game!” He hits the Batman villains in the head. I am swearing off anything violent for I don’t know how long, it really seems to curb the appeal of wrestling every second of the day. (We never really did, but you’d be surprised how even the slightest viewing of sword fighting, or laser guns  just gets in his head!) We are sticking to Paddington Bear. IMG_5837 IMG_5838They have a lot of Pinkberry stores here. I buy it a lot truth be told. I even give Jude some, it always sits well. Maybe it isn’t even dairy at all maybe it is just grains. Who knows. If I can have any treat on the planet it is pretty much a tie between pink berry or a piece of dark chocolate. Heaven.

IMG_5910A big thing out here are designer chocolates. I haven’t had them yet, but they have a few shops and they are supposed to be amazing. It’s around 250 dhms for a box, but most people will willingly say you get what you pay for.  They are really nice.

*So now picture after all that going grocery shopping! hah! I love the Waitrose there in the mall. For some reason Royal hates that store. He screams through the entire store, so unlike that baby bear. He really wanted to just snuggle on the chest. He’s really becoming too heavy for me to wear hours on end in the Bjorn so he’s in the stroller most of the time now.

I’ll have to take a picture sometime so you have something in mind. They have quite the rotisserie meats section so it’s a hit with this family. Now back to the Index –

IMG_5815That was a small look at our outing. I really like living so close to where Ryan works, which is close to the mall and Burj Khalifa. It’s directly ajacent so it’s so easy to meet him for lunch while he gets his schwarma at this lebanese place. You know where Grandma Cindy! Happy Eid Mubarak. It’s their biggest holiday of the year! IMG_5756Ta Da! The boys got their hair cuts. Apparently Ryan said it was quite, quite funny! On the way over Mr Finn asked, “Does this Sharkey’s have a Lightning Mcqueen chair?” Sorry Mr Finn…. not quite!

Ryan only takes his boys to a barber. Ryan is a firm believer in a barber over a stylist. They did a pretty good job. I need to texture Finn’s hair  a little more in the front but considering how long it was, that guy had his work cut out for him! Ryan has some pics on his phone. Check back in another 24 hours or so – I’ll get them up. Love you –


Final story about our Norwegian. I was dying!

We get our rotisseries at Waitrose and are headed back in a taxi. Quick aside, I’ve been trying to pay closer attention when we drive so I can actually learn where to go when I have to drive. Heaven help me! When suddenly Jude looks at me with perfect eye contact and says, “More” accompanied by his sign and then says, “A!C!” haha! “More AC!” He is talking a lot, and is actually using sentences. It’s coming, his language is coming. Thank you, thank you! He is actually walking around the house saying, “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy coupled with requests!” Jude is precious. A true norsky, but precious. Jude I have every confidence in the world that you will soon become much easier on your mother, but you owe me lots of kisses. Goodness you’ve been turning me grey!


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  1. Have been eating up every single word of your posts! Incredible how you guys are thriving in another world over there 🙂 Love the shots of being out and about, it helps me to picture these places I’m always hearing about. Lots of love and kisses.

  2. Heather, those photos are some of your best! Excellent shots, truly you have talent! (Great subject matter helps too). Love how much Royal is changing, I doubt you really see it, but we do! And Finn is getting taller! You do so great at keeping them busy… They are learning so much! LOVE those haircuts, even if it’s not Sharky’s! Mom

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