Umm Suqeim and Kite Beach

IMG_612215 October 2013

Summer is here! I have said that out loud many times, without even realizing what I’ve been saying! It’s October! But here the “summer” as I think of it is in winter and “winter” is during the summer months. It’s just so hard to be outside if the heat is too bad. But Summer is here for us now! The weather is pleasant, I can be outside. We’ve been outside all day the last two days, soaking up the sun. Never have we had so much fun playing in the water at the beach. The boys love the water: riding the waves, battling the waves, and playing tag. We ALL had so much fun. Good day. 

IMG_6035Tomorrow the boys and I are off on a visa run tomorrow. I’m going to buy a flight, I’ve heard that the lines at the border are absolutely insane. I don’t want to drive to Oman so we can sit for hours waiting to cross. Wish me luck! That will be… an experience. Hopefully uneventful and not so bad. It’s only an hour flight to Oman.

IMG_6132Man it’s a good feeling as a parent when you know you’ve shown your kids a good time and they had fun! It’s not always as easy as you’d think. We’ve spent countless days at the beach and this week was the first time that the water has really been able to be a part of the entertainment because it was: warm, the waves weren’t too torrential, and we were able to interact so much!

IMG_6116“Hi I’m Jude Everest. I like choo trains, rice crackers: I can eat a whole pack in one sitting, my favorite thing to say right now is “Mommy!’ I am a Sagittarius, I sleep on the bottom bunk, get my teeth brushed like a canine, oh and my favorite color is green.”

IMG_6115“Oh and I REALLY don’t like getting salt water in my eyes! But I’m getting used to it!” “EYE!”

IMG_6110IMG_6109“Royal James here! If there was any doubt, I definitely have olive skin like my mother!” 

Royal is eating A LOT of food lately and sleeping more. Hip, hip, HOORAY!

IMG_6102IMG_6068Boy! Baby Bear gets sooo tired at the beach! Two days in a row he needed a good long nap with mom. Today I actually dozed off completely too. I could never get the other two just conk out like that at the beach. He was tired out from the water.

IMG_6041IMG_6066IMG_6063Thank heavens for marmalade sandwiches huh Mr Finn?! We’ve been eating a lot of those lately. We brought our beach chairs to Dubai but we kept it pretty minimal – we didn’t know quite to expect during Eid. If that’s the busiest the beach ever gets, it wasn’t THAT bad.

IMG_6056IMG_6123IMG_6098Since it’s Eid they brought in these blow up slides and other games to the beach. Jude saw Lighting McQueen so we had to go check it out. Both the boys were touch nervous, Toppy – I think they were both envisioning the massive Disneyland water slide experience. Even Cougar Jude was reticent! haha! Good memories.

After their first tenative trip down the slide the boys really liked it and went a few times more. Finn was hilarious cheering on Jude.

Spread Eagle!

IMG_6028 IMG_6021Ryan is out on the Palm tonight. He had Young Mens. They were swimming, a lot of great people out here.

IMG_6000Well, that was the beach! It is so fun coming home to our little safe haven. Our little home is really starting to come together. It’s so nice, to actually have a safe haven. The boys came back, sat down and did a puzzle together.


3 responses

  1. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that lightning McQueen (typing this on the iPhone and McQueen is in the iPhone dictionary…random) has made it to the uae.

    See…you worried about making home but it already looks great!

    I’m envious of the beach, although fall is great. Love you!!

  2. Surprised the beach wasn’t overrun with people! Looks like everyone is having fun. Love that pic of Royal and Heather napping. Royal is so flexible… Just goes with the flow, such a good baby! Jude loving the beach! Oh so good to have quality family time after all you’ve gone through getting settled in! Happy days!

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