-118 October 2013

Good evening from the UAE! Well we are still legal – we made it through our VISA run to Oman. Let’s just say, it was a LONG day. High – seeing a group of camels on our way there!  Low – I don’t think I’ve ever been in so much pain since I was in labor with Finn. I have never had to go to the bathroom sooo bad. Stupid Hb, don’t drink water in the car! Especially when you are trying to cross a border! There are thousands and thousands of people that go and do this every 30 days. Doing the VISA run doing Eid was not a great idea. Good to know I can still use a squator. Honestly, it wasn’t that bad, but who wants to do a VISA run. They are lame.

-1They are very tame! I think these camels have learned how to pose for a camera, wouldn’t you say! Jude fed the camel his rice cracker!

-2 - Version 2

IMG_6143The weather is cooling down! It was only 90 today! We enjoyed Safa park this evening (Safa park is massive -picture central park size) This is a game changer for me, tons of parks for the kids, fellow cute nice moms to meet on a daily basis -not to mention if I wanted to run another marathon I’ve got an awesome place to go running where you can easily increase mileage.

IMG_6153IMG_6182The moon came up for us tonight! IMG_6170Mr Finn is really happy here. They loved the park, a much needed outing. We actually had church this morning, isn’t it crazy that church is on Friday for us?!

IMG_6183We have so many places to explore. I have a long list. So many things still to organize too.


IMG_6148One more day off before Ryan goes back to work, we’ll have to decide how to spend it. It’s hard living five of six days for one day off. Thank heavens Dubai gives you more holiday time than in the US.

IMG_6187-3 -2I had to throw these last few up, Royal’s face! haha!

7 responses

  1. Love the pictures! VISA and registration issues make for great overseas stories, when they are done!! Blessings to your lovely family!

    • Shadha! So good to hear from you. I’m amazed so many people make that run and it’s so inefficient! I probably shouldn’t be surprised, it’s Dubai! I hope everything goes well with you on your trip. I don’t know what everyone is going to do without you on vacation. Seriously!

  2. I haven’t checked your blog in a while but have been wondering if you guys ended up overseas in the UEA. Those kids are going to have so many good memories and awesome perspective! Despite the challenges, I cherish my childhood memories growing up in the middle east. I am jealous of your adventures! Such fun pictures. I miss the sand and smells of the desert. We will have to talk sometime. I am amazed that you can handle three young boys traveling so far to an unknown place! You guys are amazing parents.

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