Been in the Pool –

IMG_6200 - Version 222 September 2013

The title of my post pretty much sums up our week so far! We’ve been in the pool a lot! Everyday! The boys love the routine of swimming a few lengths, tossing around their toys, and then hopping into a lovely hot shower! It really is quite heavenly post swim. I am going to enjoy doing laps there.

IMG_6202Ryan had to work a little later tonight, feeling a bit tuckered out. We’ve been enjoying pretty much daily large french toast breakfasts! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I like to eat like a king at breakfast. Usually by six o’clock I”m pretty much disinterested in food. Unless, it’s chocolate. Let’s be honest.

IMG_6205Ohhhh Jude! You owe your mother a lot of kisses some day.

IMG_6335I’ve been so proud of the boys playing with their toys! They have been creative and independent with their toys lately, especially with the magnets.  Finn does really well playing with Jude – he will even do the hand over hand technique I do with him all the time. I think Finn has learned a lot of patience even at this tender age of three.


IMG_6257 IMG_6216I often get the remark after people have met Finn and Jude that Royal, or “James” (if the person doesn’t have great English) is quite hefty! I love that Royal has a little extra, especially around the tummy!

IMG_6277Without fail, when mom is on the floor with the boys I somehow get pounced. The painful part is always the hair! The hair has taken a beating! Speaking of hair, that reminds me, guess who got her teeth cleaned?! This was my first time since I was pregnant with Finn. Wow! My teeth feel a million times better. I think we’re going to be able to bring my mouth back up to speed. I’m already planning Finn’s first trip. He just saw the the chair and is giving me a very firm ‘No’.

IMG_6263Last night Ryan and I went to the tailor, we have this sweet event coming up and I am having a dress taken in. The boys loved going and meeting the crew. The inner sanctums of the tailors!

-4Dubai really has a intense night life. i.e. the mall is open until 3 am! Some evenings Ryan will get home at six and we’ll go get some errands done together and we’ll be coming home at 9:30! By the next morning we will usually take it easy and gear up for an evening out. With that said, by and large since we have the boys we most nights are getting up and going down with the sun. It’s 10 o’clock and my eyes keep closing! I’m a tired bird!

IMG_6309One of the things that I am thankful for is routine. Already I feel like being in Dubai will give me the opportunity to have routine with the kids. I haven’t talked about what a life changer having this large second bathroom has been! Our little space for Royal is great. Seriously, it’s a game changer for me. At any given time during the day I can just put Royal or Jude down. It’s amazing. So incredibly thankful. Granted, I need to buy some sort of white noise machine or a fan because the sound isn’t blocked out, but it is dark in there for him! It works.

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  1. I now signed up to get your posts to my email and am going to feel like your stalker! But you take beautiful pictures, have a wonderful perspective on life (both you and Ryan), are fabulous parents and are having an adventure I ache for (so I need to live vicariously). That being said, it makes me a better person to have your influence even a bit so….commence the blog stalking. 🙂 Who knows, maybe I will even dust off the old blog. I loved the pictures in this post! What camera do you use?

      • He does have such serious looks. He makes this new face, ALL the time, I have to show you. I have got to find a way to capture it. It’s a hoot! He squishes up his face. Love you Gigi!

    • Kaisa! Thanks for your sweet comments. I just love your cute family, and would love a way to keep in touch – you’re my only friend also tackling life with THREE boys! I think you take beautiful pictures too. Your boys are so tender, I haven’t been on facebook much but I will always remember ‘the bird whisperer story!’ You were one of those encouraging people that made us feel really good about our decision to take this opportunity to come out here! I hope you dust off your blog, you have amazing adventures! I would love a glimpse of your life. You have so much energy – what’s your secret?!

      I have a Canon. One of their older T1i models. In this post I was using our 50mm portrait lens – it has been an awesome purchase. It makes me look way better at taking pictures than I actually am. It’s really easy to use. I highly suggest it, I think you would love it! Thanks again for your nice comment!

  2. Lots of beautiful, artsy pictures! Very nice! I am sure that trip to the tailor was the highlight of their week! They looked liked they really enjoyed having the boys on their turf. You had a dress taken in? That’s not good. Time to start ordering in more KFC!

    Routine is good for kids and moms!


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