Hornblower (1 of 1)24 October 2013

First and foremost – big shout out to Grandma Cindy and Uncle Tanner who have birthdays today.   Happy Birthday! Love you, love you!

I seriously think October is the best month to have a birthday. I know Mr Finn is counting down the days for his. He has decided that he wants “Halloween Cupcakes” for his birthday cake this year. We love this place called Hummingbird Cafe – and they have some incredibly tasty cupcakes. Seriously good.

Presenting Mr Finn and Jude Everest our Horatio Hornblowers! Finn loves his Halloween costume. I actually picked it up here in Dubai. They look exaclty like Horatio wouldn’t you say?! If you aren’t privy to who Horatio Hornblower you either immediately have to do one of two things: Order the movies from A&E.com or put the books on your Goodreads list -C.S. Forester. The movies are really something special. Finn watched a few minutes of one episode to really get into character for his Halloween party tonight. He had been talking about his Halloween party all day.

Hornblower2 (1 of 1)These are honestly just a couple teaser  pictures. I just love the boys in their outfits. I have more from tonight but as you can imagine, quite beat! It was a fun party. Flying solo out and about always makes me a bit tired.  Thanks Katelyn for the great party! Jude ate a donut on a string – (Can you believe it!) and Mr Finn found a new friend named Kate and was pretty much her shadow for the entire party. Pin the parts on the Jack-o-lantern was fun as well as the Broom Racing. The boys and I ended the night with a bang trying to get a taxi on the Palm on a Thursday night (The United States equivalent of a very busy Friday night!) Hornblower3 (1 of 1)This is a classic shot. Royal being his laid back self, and Jude eating a rice cracker. He hadn’t been awake for all that long and was quite hungry. “Rice cracker for the road?” As Jude ALWAYS asks.

Hornblower4 (1 of 1)

5 responses

  1. What a gift… The blog never misses a beat Heather! LOVE the costumes! I’m surprised and so pleased that you can have Halloween festivities in Dubai! Had pretty much given up on that idea, so thanks to your friend for having the party! Makes a Grandma glad! And a big HAPPY B-DAY to Tanner too! Glad I share the day with such a cool guy! 🙂

  2. Some little bird told me that tomorrow is a BIG DAY!!! That boy with the long lashes is turning FOUR YEARS OLD!!! Betcha he’s a very excited little weasel!!! Thinking of Mister Finn tonight! :). Mom

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