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Archive (1 of 1)28  October 2013

Hey! I know the blog has been pretty boring this week – it’s been a reading week. Aunt Emily, Uncle Clayton, we’ll have to do a skype session when you finish Allegiant. Excited to talk to you two! I’ve been talking to Ryan about my reactions and he doesn’t know what I’m talking about – it’s fun talking about books. 

The picture above is from our morning adventure at Safa Park. We went to The Archive for the first time. What a neat place! Amazing! It’s this little cafe library right there in the middle of the park. We went and got a treat, and looked at books. I’m amazed how family friendly Dubai is.

There is Mr Finn and I coming out of the ArchiveIMG_6608

IMG_6585We took the boys bikes to the park! Jude LOVED riding his bike. His coordination is coming along. Hooray!

IMG_6576IMG_6592 Safa (1 of 1) IMG_6543Jude is trying. I am constantly amazed by the power of desire. I always will have some sort mantra/quote whatever you want to call it in the back of my mind. Something keeping me going – lately it’s just the reminder to me that desire is everything and this question that I’ve kept in my mind. “What am I doing with my one wild and precious life.” I want to

IMG_6544Safa2 (1 of 1)Safa Park really is green!

I’m a bit a behind on the blog -as previously mentioned due to reading! But we’ve been enjoying Kite beach a lot and that is so much fun! The boys are literally in the water for four hours  – especially Finn. He walks onto the beach for two minutes and then it’s like, “I need to go wash off!” Poor Ryan usually ends up being in the water alone with the boys for like two hours while Royal takes a nap in my arms. We haven’t quite mastered our beach caravan Dubai styes yet. We keep it simple since we are still via taxi. They play this game, flying over the waves! Ryan must get a great work out because Finn wants to do it all the time!

Kite2 (1 of 1) Kite1 (1 of 1)If I were to do a review about Kite beach it would look something like this:

“Kite beach is a popular choice largely among the expat community. Along this scenic stretch of beach you can still enjoy views of the stunning Burj Al Arab – without the crowd that is brought in from the Marina area. Kite beach gets its name because it’s a very popular destination with  kite surfers. If you are lucky there will be people out there giving lessons and you may get to watch the newbies crash their gigantic sails into the beach and hear the screams. It’s quite entertaining – for kids and adults! Free

IMG_6575Briefly, the blog is largely a journal of sorts. So I feel it would be completely disingenuous to the purposes of this blog if I didn’t share with you a very profound moment we have just had.

We had our ward pool party this weekend and three hours in – while preparing to leave our little Jude snuck away while dad was changing Finn and ended up in the pool without his floaties. I was admittedly socializing while hitting up dessert. I don’t think anyone actually likes admitting that they failed to watch their kids close enough and they ended up in the pool- in a real life threatening situation but alas it happened. To be honest nobody even saw him go in – there were a lot of people there -over a hundred- in a very small back yard. Someone just happened to be sitting by the pool and saw him underwater and pulled him out. Jude is fine, he wasn’t under for very long. But in the days following this experience I have regained so much perspective, and have held all my boys so close. I have been snuggling with Jude so much – he is really understanding so much. What a privilege it is to be his mother – despite it’s sometimes challenging moments – I have taken a lot out of this experience and found myself loving my role as ‘Mom’ more than ever after feeling it’s fragility. Very, very thankful. Just another testament accidents happen not when you’re in the thick of your activity but when you’re packing up – getting ready to go! We had been there for over three hours, Jude knew not go in but somehow there he was in the pool. We love you Jude.

Truth be told, I haven’t quite been able to look at Jude quite the same since. I’ve been trying to enjoy his company every minute of the day, even when he pushed that new bag of groceries off the stroller- just as we were walking into the door and broke 3 brand new glass jars of apple sauce and pasta sauce! Shattered! Dagger

5 responses

  1. Heather, I am a devote reader but awful commenter. Every post you write I want to tell you how amazing you are. Your writing is so you and makes me feel like we are having a personal chat. Plus, your photos are so dreamy. I come away totally edified
    I had to reply to this post, I also let my parenting slip while we were in San Diego last week for a family vacation. I left our 4 month Leo on on the bed all propped “safely”, ran and got Nola out of the bath and heard the scream that he had fallen off the bed. Worst feeling ever! It was a total blessing that he, like Jude, came out unscathed. Mini miracle.
    You are one brave soul to document it on your blog. That’s just how cool you are. I truly think you are an incredibly mom to your three boys. I have gleaned a lot of inspiration from how intentional you parent them. Bravo! I could go on and on but I’ll leave that for another post:)
    I love seeing this great big adventure you are on and look forward to swapping advice about life after law school.
    Lots of love,

    • Kelsey! This comment totally made my day, thank you for taking the time to say all those nice things. Leo is so cute, I totally stalked you down on instagram. I love the name Leo. I’ve thought of you many times wondering how law school is going. I bet the fall is just stunning, you lucky lucky girl! I too will LOVE swapping stories post law school, this road takes quite a bit of patience. But we think it’s worth it. 😉 I can’t wait to hear where you guys end up. Europe? I know you guys love it over there. I’ll look forward to the occasional post via insta. Those kids have one amazing momma! So happy we get to keep in touch. Love you dearly Kels, truly! Touch base more, I’d love to hear how you and Jesse are doing.

  2. Heather, I sent a long, long e-mail… But just want to summarize: it takes a lot of courage and humility to write that last paragraph. Parents all make mistakes, lots of mistakes. This won’t be your last. But hear me out: those three boys have the most WONDERFUL mother! We love you, are proud of you, and know our son is very, very blessed to have you as his wife and mother to his children.
    Hope Finn’s birthday is terrific. We’ll be thinking of you all and missing you so! Hope Finn gets to visit the alligator at the Rainforest Cafe!

    • Thank you Grandma Cindy, Love you! Just got back from the Rainforest Cafe. It was a hit! Love it when those things turn out just as good as you imagined! Fun for all. We’ll have to all go there when you guys come visit, the boys were quite funny!

  3. Thanks for the update, Heather. What an experience! Your posting of the pool incident is so commendable. I don’t think most people would have the humilty to share that unfortunate event. I never have to be reminded that our human state is a fragile one–and we’re constrained (and kept humble) by that very human state. Making mistakes can be so irritating–but it part of life, for all of us. It’s what we do. I am sure the experience has and will be a learning one. Time to move on. So glad that Jude came through it well. The park looks like a perfect getaway. And Finn is four! What a week so far! Love you guys. You’re great!

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