Mr. Finn Turns 4 Years Old

HappyBDay (1 of 1)

IMG_6676It is late and Heather is getting some much needed sleep, but I had to put a few of these photos on the blog – what a day! We had lunch at Rainforest Cafe (which might get its own blog post) and enjoyed a wonderful birthday celebration with Mr. Finn. I will let Heather give the full report tomorrow, but wow – what a special little boy Mr. Finn is! He has been such a joy since the day he was born. He is so pure, such a reliable bright spot in everyone’s day (just like his mother). We are grateful for each of our sons and for their unique characters, and today we have been celebrating the Fantastic Mr. Finn! This boy – wow! What a blessing and a privilege to have him in our lives!

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  1. Wow. Four years old! I remember coming to see him at the hospital when he was just barely born. Your boys are adorable. Looks like y’all have a lot of fun with them.

  2. Mr. Finn we love and miss you so very much! We wish we could have been there to party and sing happy happy birthday and play all day. We love your little sweet self. Hope to skype soon! Love these updates, guys! Miss you all!

  3. Heather, you are so beautiful! If you weren’t my daughter I would think…, she is so cute. Since you are my daughter, I am like floored, blessed, overwhelmed with indescribable pride that this bright light has been my privilege to be with for so many years! Oh how I miss you!!

    • Thanks for all your nice comments Toppy! We are just getting ready to embark on a trip to the grocery store, you and Gigi are really burning the midnight oil these days! I had a late night the other night and I found myself thinking, “I don’t know how you two have been staying up late!” Love you, miss you guys too!

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