A Successful Birthday Lunch

Fuzzy1Rainforest (1 of 1)30  October 2013

The boys and I have been walking by the Rainforest cafe for months now because it’s located right next to the massive aquarium and you can see and hear the sound effects. I had never heard of this restaurant – I guess it’s pretty popular. Ryan told me there is one in the Mall of the America. (You’ll have to take the girls Lelers, they may get a little scared. Finn did for just a minute but then he was fine) The boys LOVED it. Oh I’m so glad we were able to make him feel special.

IMG_6624 Royal has been looking very old, so grown up! I couldn’t help but intentionally dress him to look a little younger yesterday. He has to be a baby for a little longer!  Dad walked over on his lunch break and we were able to really spend some quality time together. The boys loved their chicken and vegetables, and I had some pretty decent fish tacos. 

IMG_6610The elephant was Jude’s favorite. If you haven’t eaten here they have created this ambiance of eating in a rainforest. There were special effect lights, animatronic animals: monkeys, gorillas, elephants and a huge tiger! The only part Finn got scared at was when they created the illusion of a Volcano erupting  Finn turned to me and said, “I think we have to get out of here!”  It was cute. 

IMG_6615IMG_6631Happy Birthday Finn! I felt a little bit of pressure to make his lunch REALLY fun because he kept talking about going to Gigi’s house for his birthday. (We have spent Halloween at my parent’s house in Utah for the last three years) on the way to lunch he actually said, “I think there are going to be candles there!” Oh man! Finn remembered the candles?!

IMG_6638The Rainforest tree frog came and sang Happy Birthday and delivered Mr. Finn a chocolate volcano! We all were still a bit hungry after our lunch so welcomed gladly the incredibly huge portioned dessert! Finn later while using the restroom yelled out, “I ate too much volcano!” 

IMG_6647Fun afternoon! The frog even did magic tricks. Money well spent. What a blast. 

I don’t know what it is about Finn’s birthday but both Cheri and I really do get so choked up this time of year when it comes to our Mr turning another year older. Wow, four! Love you! Mr!

Gigi, I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow! I can’t wait to hear how your special delivery  turkey turns out. Seriously! What a fun thing. If ever there is a time where I will be missing my family- tomorrow will be it! Halloween is a big party at the Brockbanks!

 My dad sent me this cute picture of my mom on their daily Beaver walk along the river with Jasper! 


2 responses

  1. happy 4th birthday, mr. finn!!!!! wish we were at the rainforest cafe with you!!! we’ll totally have to try it out here…we’ve gone in to see all the animals before..and the girls totally love it. all the noises & lighting & animals really are something. I bet your boys loved it.

    so happy he had a fun birthday. I loved the “I think we have to get out of here” comment!!! such a cutie.

    love your boys so much. can’t believe he’s already 4. 4 seems so old. I get choked up thinking about it too. miss you tons! xo.

  2. What a great way to celebrate! Everyone seems to be loving the frog… With Royal as the exception! Stinkeye! Love the pure delight on Jude’s face! Happy Birthday, Mister! You are SO loved!

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