Happy Halloween!

Halloween4-69681 November 2013

Happy Halloween! I hope you all had a great night – I was thinking of you Gigi – doing your big turkey dinner! Did it turn out okay?! How was the party!? Halloween in Dubai is a little bit different than in the US. For one thing, most locals I talk to, not from the west have no idea what Halloween is. People sure did think the boys were cute in their costumes. We’ve gotten a lot of great use out of that monkey costume! He’s our third monkey! Royal was pretty good wearing the hat too. If it wasn’t broken in yet – it definitely is now! Check out this next pic! 

Halloween3-6932Halloween-6871There were few different Halloween parties at the Dubai Mall for kids, so we got the boys dressed up and headed over there. The sun was setting just as we got there. The boys and I had quite the adventure catching a cab. (Remember, Thursday is our equivalent to Friday night) Mr Finn is the cutest thing trying to flag down a taxi, the guy who picked us up said, “I was on another assignment but I saw you and the kids and just had to pick you out! Those boys were just too cute!’ We drove behind the Royal family on the way to the Mall. I’ll have to write about the Emirates and Range Rovers – it’s quite something! This sums it up: There is a full year waiting list to even buy a new Range Rover. The Shaik received the first new Range Rover in the world! These Arabs are their best clients. 


We waited for dad to get off work by the park behind the Burj Khalifa. Halloween8-6963Phew, it’s late here. I am quite tuckered out from this post. I know there aren’t that many photos but it’s taken me quite a while. I am trying to pay greater attention to details. Ryan and I laugh sometimes about the blog -as he said well, “It’s kind of surprising because you really aren’t the creative type.” It sounds like a slam but it’s quite true! Who would have thought that I’d keep an intense blog? Not me.

IMG_6959Halloween5-7000Hooray! Dad’s off work, let’s go track down that party.  His office is about a two minute walk from these fountains, so it makes for a good meeting spot! We went and saw the ha-ha’s (skeletons) for some reason  Mr Finn is fascinated with skeleton decor, but he calls them ha-has. I think it’s because he think the mouth of the skeleton is laughing! HA-HA!

Halloween6-7017Halloween7-7019The boys socialized for a few few minutes, and then we went and got shakes at the ‘Shake Shack.’ The Dubai is filled with eateries from all over the world. I had heard this place was pretty good. It was good but still didn’t surpass my love for Pink Berry. I am a bit obsessed. I love that stuff. Not just frozen yogurt, Pink Berry. There’s a difference.

IMG_7030From the 47th floor of the Index Tower this is Hb signing out. Happy Halloween! Oh, and where are the pumpkins you might be wondering? Well, the pumpkin carving I decided would have to wait until Thanksgiving. I’m just not quite done enjoying my pumpkins! As you can imagine buying pumpkins in Dubai was a bit of splurge so I am enjoying those for another month! 


We live in the cream and grey color building behind my left elbow. I like our home, and slowly it is starting to feel like home! Happy Halloween!

4 responses

  1. I love Royal in the monkey suit! We had a wonderful Halloween with a lot of visitors. We were missing the the Miller Family. The Bird was a Big success…Miss You!!!!!!

  2. So like Royal to be a happy little monkey, and I love Finn’s calling skeletons Hahas! Most kids are terrified of them! And look at the great exuberant laugh on Jude’s face, lovin life! Ryan! You’re looking quite studly in the business attire! As always, so impressed Heather that you hop those cabs and just do it! Nothing holds you back! Love it! Love the post, and thanks for doing it when you could have caught some more shut eye! Love, Mom

  3. What a fun Halloween in Dubai!! I am speechless… all those photos are so cute. I love Royal’s mouse outfit. He is so cute. I miss you guys so much. I really think about you guys all the time. Know you are missed dearly.

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