Some Playful Wrestling

Wrestling-71033 November 2013

Our house looks largely like the picture above a lot. I am just cherishing the  dynamic the boys have right now. It’s wonderful. Jude and Finn play with Royal James, baby bear, or as Finn says a lot “King James!” Finn will go over to Royal and unbutton his outfit roll it up and ‘give him raspberries!’ I don’t know who taught him that phrase but he knows it! I love the way Royal will curl his fingers into the boys hair when they play with him. I never dreamed the dynamic between Jude and Royal could be as good as it is. I love our daily traditions: french toast breakfasts, eggs and honey, finding our Norwegian (After Jude has napped), having everyone give Royal kisses before he naps or at ‘night-night time’, and of course Finn’s prayers at night. These little things have added up to mean so much.

Moving to Dubai has taught me  a lot and I can recognize that I’ve grown in a few areas. One of the things I’ve been reminded of is to never forget the boys potential. Growing up my parents would often talk about ‘not throwing the baby out with the bath water.’ When we first got here I was having a hard time getting a handle on the boys – specifically with they would rough house. I almost felt embarrassed because they were at each other so much! It was understandable – a move across the world will not be without it’s hiccups! I felt tired of raising my voice so much. What a great reminder not to ‘snap shot’ at a moment in time and get down on myself or them!  Just because the boys had a few hard weeks doesn’t mean that they are mean spirited or will fight forever. Nearly a month later and I am happy to say that for the most part there is a wonderful feeling in our home and between the three of them they play really well together. If you get some bad water in the tub – don’t forget don’t throw the baby out with the bath water! Things will get better! No matter what their age, I hope I can remember this. There will always be so much goodness, don’t let the hard days get the better of you. People can change.

Wrestling2-7077It must be the influence of instagram seeping into my pictures!

Wrestling3-7070I will always remember how much Royal loves playing in our toy boxes. Anytime we are home you will either find him in one of two places. First, head first diving into the toy box or tracking down his squeegee from the shower! He loves crawling around the house with the shower squeegee! Love, love Royal! He is a happy baby. He has this HUGE massive tooth coming – his big front one. His whole upper gum is blue. It hasn’t broken through yet, but he is still so happy! A happy baby is such a gift.

Wrestling4-7065Wrestling5-7100Well this is Hb over and out. I’ve got Room With A View waiting for me on the kindle. I really am such a girl.

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  1. A Girl Surrounded By Monkeys….. That should be the title on one of your posts… Make that BOY MONKEYS. No, not mean spirited, just rambunctious. There is a lot of love in their roughness, you can see it just watching them. Love how sweet Finn watches over the two making sure the wrestling doesn’t go too far! And as far as Baby Bear, I am convinced that Heavenly Father saves some of the most gentle, most patient and easy-going spirits for the last. Emily was that kind of baby for me… And if true, this is good news for Leanna as well! So glad you’re able to keep things in perspective, Heather. Just gotta laugh at the vision of Royal hauling the squeegee all around the apartment! And my little Norwegian??? Mmmmmm i love that little rascal!!! Mom

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