Date Night

7 November 2013

Shrimp-2It’s amazing how rejuvenated I feel after date night. Now that Ryan is working, date night is something we are going to make a priority. Even if they are really simple, the time away from the kids is so good for me and for them!  Tonight we splurged a little bit, and had a really good dinner! I remember Ryan telling me last summer that he had eaten at this little hole in the wall place on the beach, it’s known for super fresh and affordable sea food. It’s a local favorite. You have three choices: Big fish, small Fish, or shrimp! The different fish they have change, but usually it’s red snapper.  Well we hit it up tonight and it did not disappoint. We got nearly two pounds of shrimp to eat between the two of us. We were planning on getting a pound, and when I got home and typed in the kg conversion I realized we ordered nearly two pounds of shrimp! It came with lemon, cabbage and fresh naan. Yummm. We had some left over. It was also a treat because we got to drive a car on our date! Ryan has his resident VISA now which means he was able to get his drivers license this week! Hooray! He is driving a car provided from work, it was so nice not having to flag down or call a cab. We will just have one car for a while, so my taxi days aren’t completely done but we had a fun night.

I have been a little under the weather, so nothing too eventful to report on. I’ll post again soon. The boys are all really changing. Royal is about to take his first steps here any day now. He is so delightful, just thinking about that precious Royal brings a smile to my face. He always has the biggest smile, he really seems to just love life. Mr. Finn is so fun right now. Finn’s favorite thing to eat right now is schwarma. I tried to give him a sandwich and he said, “Is this a schwarma?” I told him, “No this is Subway” – his response, “No thanks.”

Hopefully this isn’t the last post for awhile. We’ll be making a few changes this week, so we’ll see what the week brings.

4 responses

  1. Holy smokes that looks sooooooo delicious. I still can’t believe you guys are just hanging out in Dubai. It makes me feel like a celebrity stalker or something how I devour every detail…

  2. Tell Finn to eat a shawarma for me…..makes my mouth water just thinking about an authentic middle eastern shawarma and other foods! Middle eastern cuisine is my all-time fav. Who do you have babysit? I barely get a date night here in Utah where I am surrounded by relatives! I am impressed. Keep up the awesome posts! It is join in a bit on your adventures. 🙂

    • Kaisa! I totally hear you on how hard it is to make date night happen. I feel like it’s so much easier to do when you have someone living close by you can use. Ryan is in the Young Men and one the boys lives like three blocks away. He is such a nice boy. He is the oldest of seven kids! I don’t know what it is about some of these families in Dubai but they have huge families. Seriously, 5, 6, 7 kids! It’s crazy. I’m always shocked though how much the boys love the babysitter! It’s like all of the sudden they love their toys and want to show them everything!! I’ll be thinking of you next time I eat a schwarma. I still remember going to get Greek food with you and hearing about Saudi! You’re amazing Kaisa!

  3. Looks like a feast, HB! So glad you’ve made date night a priority! We missed you and Emily and Clayton so much this weekend. I had to ask dad what a schwarma is. Libby helped me out!

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