‘Some People Grow Old Without Losing A part of their Soul’

Laughingtogether-715011 November 2013

Man! I have been missing the blog, just a few days off without posting and I am craving just a little reflection time. This weekend was our first weekend having a car to drive in Dubai. I drove for my first time, and it definitely made an impression. I only went down one one-way street in the wrong direction. In the entire city of Dubai you will maybe come across two left hand turns. Seriously! I guess there are no left hand turns, something like 80% of all accidents occur during left hand turns so the city has done away with them. (Something to keep in mind Hb, because I turned left when heading down a one way!) I need a little more time behind the wheel here before I drive with the kids. If I know where I’m going I’m not scared but if I don’t, I really don’t feel safe. My brain was seriously hurt from stimulation after. I knew that moving here would be good for my brain but woah, driving definitely takes some getting used to. It’s really great to be spending less money on taxis. Woot, woot!

Jude thinking2-7143TwoUndies!-7155I’ve nearly got TWO boys in undies! I feel like I have had Jude’s naked booty in my face for the last two months. Whenever I’ve been in the house he doesn’t have a diaper on and just runs around like a free bird! He does great going pee even pookers in the toilet. But I have been nervous about making that jump outside of the house. I have been able to teach him to hold it when we go swimming and the beach – the last time we were at the beach they had no facilities so when he told us he needed to go we just put a diaper back on him -which probably wasn’t the best but we had nowhere to take him! I think having mom get mad at him when he’s done pookers in his swimmers has made an impression into that little head of his. ( I definitely don’t need to find my ‘mom tone’ when he does that!) Oh the horror, I still have visions of the life guard in one of our hotels in Dubai walking over and pointing to his diaper holding his arm – hoping nobody but me knows what he’s referring to. Fat chance! Or, my favorite – the time Jude got out of the pool and went right on the outside ledge of the pool! Turn around, and BAM! Time to go!  Oh! Oh! Oh! NO! Ryan was there and I think we made eyes and that’s all it took. We have a CODE RED. CODE RED. Seriously, that has to be THE worst.

Booty-7182We are getting there though. He can control everything so that’s a good sign. I know though that we will have to go through a lot of accidents out and about with clothes on because he’ll get distracted. My goal is that by his third birthday we’ll be there. That’s December 21st. So a month and a half! His bowels have been great so I am for the challenge!

F&J-7149One of the things that encourages me a lot is meeting many of these nice Filipino woman that are in our building nannying kids. They are so nice and incredibly kind. I think they are just blown away that I live in a nice building and am home taking care of my kids alone. We met a nice woman this morning on our way swimming, she was out walking a little boy, “You are taking your children swimming! VERY GOOD!” I like feeling unique in my surroundings. Whenever I go back home to visit family in Utah the minute I walk off the plane it’s like every woman you see has a huge handful of kids, I like being able to feel like what I am doing is something out of the norm, that isn’t expected. Here it definitely isn’t. We’ve been swimming nearly every day (And it’s a good thing too because I cannot get Jude kicking well!) We bought Royal this cute little penguin floaty – he’s so cute in it! Now I can swim easily along side with all three of them. The lap pool is also quite deep so I get a great work out treading water.

headstand-7133Jude whenever he gets antsy lately just goes into a head stand! He’s getting quite good at them. He is a funny boy. I think it makes him feel better, he’s definitely comfortable!

Judesburn-7210Poor Norwegian Jude! He got his first burn. Poor thing, he touched my curling iron. His little hands move fast, he barely even grazed it too. I think it hurt me more than it hurt him though – I had to sit and hold him for nearly three hours with ice cubes. Whenever it would sting he would just yell, “Hot!” and I succumbed to sitting back and holding an ice cube on his hand. It’s healing.

Royal'ssqueegy-7173I told you Royal crawls around with his squeegee every day!

MrFinnLolly-7165Royallooking-7120Royal James, you look like your mother! While sitting snapping a few shots of the boys I thought – what the heck – here’s one of me to throw in too. It was a throw a hat on kind of day.

Hb watching-7184Mom: I am sick. It’s not fun. I need to take something to break up the cough in my chest. It will go away soon. John Mayer has been our go to music to listen to while in Dubai so far. We still aren’t sick of listening to his new cd and we’ve been listening to it a lot for months now.

Dad: Ryan has been loving reading Brother’s Karamazov. There are actually a lot of Russians in Dubai. One of the beaches we’ve tried so far I’ve nicknamed the ‘The Russian Beach’ because there seemed to be disproportionate amount of Russians! We’ve made some Russian friends and they laughed when Ryan was asking them about Dostoyevsky. I overheard him talking to this guy about it and he said: “Of course I’ve read it! Why are you reading it, it’s about Russia!” Ryan likes the Russian authors, he really does. I can tell he’s really enjoying himself reading it.

Finn: Finn is picking up on A LOT! Oh man! This morning he told me, “I don’t like my daddy.” I said, “What?” “Oh No, Why not? ” “Finn said, because he takes my blanket”. I have been coughing so hard that Ryan has been out on the couch and he’s been borrowing one of Finn’s blankets. Tonight Finn said to Cheri: “Dad, do you like my blanket?” Ryan said, “Yes, I do!” Finn’s response: “I do too, stop taking my blanket!” We have so many, funny to see Finn get frustrated about it!

Jude: I took the boys to this fun little ‘kids club’ that one of the girls in the ward has once a month and Jude LOVED it! Oh my goodness he loved it. I guess he has a crush on one of the girls- Kate because he has been practicing how to say, “Hey Kate” for the last two days. He’s got it down pretty good. When we picked up the boys they said Jude just wanted to follow Kate around and play with her the entire time! Jude is strong willed, when he gets mad at me lately he makes this blowing sound with his lips. We’ve dubbed it rude because it resembles spitting and he gets a time-out. I am surprised what a tender heart he has, while coupled with this incredibly strong will. Careful Jude. Your mom is a tough cookie.

Royal: Maybe I am naive to think that Royal won’t be giving me grief but he is very agreeable. I mean he’s not that young- he turns one in two weeks. Finn said the other day, “This boy is a good baby!” haha!! Royal, I just adore you. You are always a delight to be around. Royal seems to have picked up on some of our signs we use with Jude- I have used them with him a little. When he has been hungry he has been signing ‘more’ is that even possible? Whatever it is, he knows that when he puts his fists together I’ll give him food. Having communication in any form is a game changer. I would welcome that gladly.

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  1. I am sooo sorry to hear that you are sick. Being sick and taking care of three little ones doesn’t mix. I wish I could help. I think the thing that pulls at my heart is that Burn on Jude’s hand…so sad!

  2. Amazed that Jude is doing so well with the potty training! That’s great. And John Mayer’s Wildfire CD… Thought I was the only one onto it in the family. Absolutely LOVE it. The Lyrics are outstanding; such great “feel good” music. Hey, shoot us a picture of the penguin if you can. Royal is growing up too fast, Heather! And about Finn defending his territory… Tell Ryan to get his own blanket! Hope it’s not the Superman one… That would be really low! Love you! Mom

    • Way to go Grandma Cindy buying some good music! Ryan bought the Paradise Valley cd right before we moved out here. My family loves the Mayer too, I don’t know if they have bought it but I am sure they have – I can picture them blasting it through the house on the speakers enjoying fall! Neither of us have talked about being ‘homesick’ for the states but whenever we may feel nostalgic we’ve found that listening to music helps. Love you!! Off to go spend some time with the boys and the penguin! I’ll try to snap some pics for you 😉 I’ve been struggling hauling the camera on outings.

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