For You Grandma Cindy!

RoyalandPenguin-723214 November 2013

The boys and I have loved starting our mellow days with a swim in the morning. I have taken so many pictures at the pool that I don’t even think to bring my camera down. These are for you Grandma Cindy! Your wish is my command. Royal in his penguin. This is exactly how it goes with him. Easy breezy! He loves having his booty carrying the weight on one side and then leaning over and watching/playing with the boys as we push him up and down the pool. Having a baby is really so much fun. I have felt nostalgia that it’s going so fast today. I would have ten kids if they were all as agreeable as King James.  He just gives so much back. I feel like I’m not even putting that much in and he makes every day wonderful. It is a privilege to be your mom Royal. Tonight when we put Royal to bed he actually smacked his lips together over and over and blew kisses. I was shocked! He is picking up on so much. It makes me feel so good inside.

Rohangin-7234Gettingtired-7255Did you know Royal’s birthday is actually ON Thanksgiving this year? So many things I want to cook over the next two months. I really have got to get my kitchen up to speed. It’s getting there! Finn and Jude were swimming with us today too. Finn has been rocking his new speedo at the pool. I can’t believe I haven’t gotten that up there on the blog yet. Wow he wears it like a real man.  He is darling, that Mr. Finn. We spend a good chunk of our time doing ‘swim lessons’ at the pool. There are some daily moments that I have been forgetting to capture. I think my energy just isn’t quite the same being sick, and it’s hard to watch all three of them and snap photos sometimes.

Here is one of our Norwegian! He has a great time at the pool! I had gotten ready before the pool and pulled my hair back in a feeble attempt of not getting by hair wet.  I didn’t even realize that Finn had picked up on what I was trying to do but when we got back he turned to me and said, “I knew you would get your hair wet.” What am I going to do when Finn doesn’t get to just be home with me all day! He is my friend.  Jude got mad at Finn tonight and lashed out, grabbed the face (something he rarely does anymore) later I heard Finn from the other room telling Jude that he hurt his feelings.

Ryan and I were talking a few days ago about how you always appreciate things more later: i.e. your parents, experiences you’ve had in the past, education, friendships, etc. I guess the blog is my feeble attempt at trying to appreciate my children in the moment: especially at this age it’s hard, my day feels so exhausting at times – to genuinely feel like your “enjoying” your time in my mind I feel like would mean that you aren’t always excited for bed time! I could do better at that.

IMG_7247Finn and Jude love Royal’s penguin floaty but I told them that “Penguins are too small to ride, they need sharks!” Now nearly every time we go Finn reminds me that he wants me to buy him a shark floaty. Then he uses his classic line that he uses everyday: “I will not let you forget!”

Centeredpenguin-7237 Alldone-7258

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  1. Oh Heather… That Royal James has my heart, completely! So, so tender. Can’t tell you how HAPPY that blog title made me as I opened the blog tonight after a pretty grueling day! My heart just took flight!!!
    Love, love those boys!

    HOWEVER…. I decided at 4 am while driving into work that you MISSED the BEST title from the John Mayer CD for that last post, featuring naked little boys bottoms… And potty training Jude going commando: The song “They Call Me The BREEZE” was written just for our Norwegian! Haha!

    Love you guys! Mom

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