Anniversary Date Night Recap

Anniversaryphoneshot-117 November 2013

When it comes to having a night out, Dubai is not a bad place to be. There are so many places I still would LOVE to try, but we ended up repeating Fauchon. We had been there a few weeks ago with some friends, and the food was so good it’s just what I wanted. Besides, we weren’t really able to enjoy it last time with all the boys. Their bread comes out piping hot right of the oven, and I swear I think everything on that menu is perfected. They have this basil vegetable pasta, to be honest I think it’s the best pasta dish I’ve ever had! I get on these food kicks and seriously, I cannot seem to get enough shrimp. I think if I had to pick something to live off of for the rest of my life I would say fresh grilled shrimp. Last night Ryan said, “Did you read something somewhere about shrimp??” He knows I can be quite impressionable. No, shrimp just really makes me happy.

Magnolia-2I didn’t take our camera on our date, I wanted to just relax and enjoy it. But from the Ryan’s phone – a few shots to help document and remember the day. I told Ryan that I wanted to try Magnolia on our anniversary and for him I was sure it would just seem like another bakery. I made the correlation that just as if you are going to a museum and you see works of art that you’ve studied/heard/learned about you get so much out of the experience. So… I made him look up Magnolia on Wikipedia just so he would know and understand where we were going. We tried the infamous banana pudding, and it really was something! We both had  a strong hankering for chocolate so we split a piece of cake and I brought a cupcake home for later. They are also famous for their ice box cakes dating back to the depression era. Everything is made fresh on site. This Magnolia we went to was the first one outside of the US. They have since expanded to a few other Middle Eastern countries. There are some big spenders here in the Middle East. If you’re ever in NY, LA, or Chicago you’ll have to try it!

If you know me well there is no explanation needed about the Jo Malone. Love, love, love. Red Roses is definitely a favorite, and I have been out for…wow maybe a year now! So sweet he noticed and knew how much I love that, and he got me the big bottle! Love him. Wearing perfume is such a simple thing, but it’s the gift that keeps on giving every day.

I think I fell in love with perfume from my mother. Even when I think of seeing her, I can almost swear I smell a hint of her perfume in the air. She knows how to wear perfume, and she wears it. Perfume isn’t to just sit and look pretty on the shelf, use it, use it all.

Of course what I look forward to the most is exchanging our anniversary cards. Ryan is quite talented with words. Love you mon petit chou!

3 responses

  1. I was thinking of you guys on your anniversary! So glad you had such a great day together!

    I also wear my perfume. It is always a bummer when it is all gone, and the bottles are so beautiful, but the fragrance is worth it!

    You got me wanting to cook some shrimp! mmm….

  2. Happy Anniversary and Heather you look so beautiful! Having simple Pleasures of Life is one of the Keys to a wonderful Life. Appreciating each other and you will live Happily Ever After. Hugs to the two of You..great choice Ryan on the Gift!

  3. Happy Anniversary to you guys! I remember your wedding day, it was beautiful and you, Heather looked so fabulous! And now look at you two, 3 beautiful boys, Dubai, photographer, blogger…I absolutely love reading your blog, you are full of talent in every post! Thanks for sharing your life! Love to you and Ryan from Dean and I!

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