Clouds-7117Last post for  a bit. We are in the middle of transition – moving apartments. Our next place is a bigger – woot, woot!! So excited for a little more floor space. I love feeling like your things aren’t just crammed in like sardines. The only down side, I am not going to have internet in our place for awhile. Typically I hear the average time to get wifi is approx a month – but I’m sure I can get it a little faster! As they say here in Dubai ‘In Shallah!’ But, I can’t go that long without a blog post! So I will find a way, but moving in and finding a new spot may take sometime.

The boys and I are doing great, we just love Safa Park. It’s like you’re not even in Dubai. It’s so green and lately when I look up at the sky I see clouds covering the sky. In the summer it is pure blue – you can’t find one cloud. So seeing clouds feels special. (Thus the photo above taken from looking outside or window) Dubai really does make you appreciate certain things. I’m sure when we move back to the US eventually, I will eat even more produce than I used to just because it’s too good to pass up on. I have been able to find good produce, it will just cost you.

Jude is coming along with potty training. He’s doing great, I have been letting him sleep in his diaper still and he wakes up with it wet but in our new place I’ll take the final plunge. He’s doing better on our outings not having many accidents! Talking about going to the bathroom gives us more to communicate about. Poor Jude, his communication is still so limited. It’s amazing we can understand each other so well when he can really only put two words together unprompted, occasionally more. Someday my Norwegian, someday. I felt like potty training Finn was so traumatizing and all consuming, I guess my life is crazy enough that it doesn’t dent me the same. I am still sane, which I guess means we we still must have a long way to go! The boys are so funny talking about the things they see around them! For example today in the bathroom, the boys saw a squater and Jude said, “Show, show! (Shower)” Which he probably gets the show-show phrase from me because I still shorten way too many words. Funny, funny boys!

Well, I’ve got to get back moving stuff. It’s a really close move so it shouldn’t take too long. Love you guys!






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