Our First Camel Ride


9 December 2013

Having no internet in our apartment hasn’t been THAT bad – but I sure do miss getting my blog posts up! All the nearby cafes that I have gone to have dial up connection, it is not great. Ryan is going to upload the rest of these pictures for me tomorrow after work so you can check back for the whole post. 


The boys got to ride their first camel. We had our first ward Christmas party out here in the dessert and it was a lot of fun. We had dinner, rode camels, sang Christmas songs, and the kids got to go sit on Santa’s lap and get a present- it was special. My favorite part was when Santa came over the sand dune, mounted a camel and all the kids burst into the song “Santa Clause is coming to town.”


 I haven’t been able to share at all how we are doing here in the last few weeks. The boys and I have been having a lot of fun together. I am getting more confortable driving, although the boys literally say a prayer every time before we drive away. I know I will get in an accident here, it’s just a matter of when. I just hope I won’t be going fast enough that anyone will get hurt. People drive crazy.  Ryan and I switch off taking the car every other day. We meet dad for lunch probably once a week still at the Dubai Mall to get some Mashawi. Finn still loves his Schwarma. Ryan and I went and saw our first movie here in Dubai. We hadn’t seen a movie in theaters for at least six months. It was such a treat. We saw Catching Fire, the movie experience here in Dubai is incredible. The seats are plush, huge, with lots of leg room. You actually reserve your seats so no need to go early for previews. It was the most fun I have ever had watching a movie. I actually have finally moved into really starting to cook here. True, I have no idea what the dials on my oven mean, for all I know it could be on broil but we’ve had some things turn out!


We have loved going to the beach. We have actually had quite a few overcast days, and last week we had all that fog roll in (Ryan posted a few pictures last week for me! Aren’t those pictures something!) I have loved looking at those pictures, so surreal. It really was just as they look. I hope to share some more of our photos soon. Of course there is more, but I am standing outside some strangers door using their internet for five minutes – just to publish. I really don’t want to explain why I am standing out in their hallway with a computer!! Love you!! I’m still trying to keep you guys in the loop, although I know it’s not nearly the same!

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  1. Having lived in Saudi Arabia during Christmas I can relate to your surreal experience…camels, the desert and Santa, all in one picture-only in the Middle East! Try to enjoy the experience. One day you will look back at these days with incredible fondness and treasure the moments you had there in Dubai. You are missed. Lynn & George michael & Natalie

  2. Haha stealing the WiFi. That is great!

    I love the pictures. You guys are having so many adventures. It is so crazy. Christmas must feel so different there! Love the Santa pic.

  3. Such a great post! I love those camels… But maybe not up close! Santa walking the dunes, priceless! So great to see your smiling faces. :). Mom

  4. Well you guys are masters at making the most of where you are; Christmas with the beach and camels. You know whenever I put up the nativity I am reminded it all happened in camel country. Did you have some wise men? I am reminded of when we lived in Fairbanks and a guy brought his dogs and sled for the ward Christmas party. I had a ride, but then I was standing on the brake of the sled while the next person was loaded for a ride. Someone thought it would be funny to yell mush and off those dogs went. They are so strong and I had no choice but to take them for a loop around the track. It was pretty disastrous but fun in retrospect. I am proud of you for blooming where you are so well Heather. Love to you all.

  5. Heather and Ryan, all these are treasures….however, please note your precious little Jude’s face looking back on that camel……..he is a treasure!!!

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