Chicken Pox Strikes!

FinnChickenPox-797020 (17) December 2013

It’s never a dull moment taking care of these three boys! The Norwegian Cougar Jude has brought chicken pox into our life!  The entire family is currently sick, but we are still trying to make the best of things. Thanks heavens for Pink Berry down the street here in the DIFC.  The area we live in is packed with young, single, ambitious expats from all over the world. To say that I stick out a little bit with three young boys is an understatement. I’m always surprised to see the reactions on people’s face as I walk by.  In general people are nearly always kind. The women I meet most often times remark how surprised they are that they are all mine-that I’m out and about by myself with three kids. 

ChickenPoxSanta-7999The men on the other hand, and this is just my honest experience over months of living in our little bubble here downtown where it’s largely young, and often times single men: are nods, smiles, and approving comments that reflect this oozing ideal that I really didn’t think existed but the narrative plays like this: “Yes! There it is. A wife, young- petite-staying at home rearing three sons.” I have never thought of myself that way but after a few months living here I see the paradigm!  Honestly, it cracks me up. The elevator exchange with my neighbors in Index has been quite entertaining. In all honesty it’s not uncommon for me to walk in the elevator and be complemented on my figure, or to hear some kind of back handed comment through conversation like last week for instance:  I rode up with a guy alone and he had his hands full of luggage. I told him, “Wow, you have a lot going on there!” and his response to me with a smile was: “You got a lot going on there!” I couldn’t help it – I laughed really hard. I just haven’t had that type of dialgue for so long, it made me laugh.

Royalhasittheworst-7997Royal bear got the worst of it! He had some huge blisters on his legs, luckily only small ones on his face. All in all it’s been very mild. I think we caught it really fast because once that calamine lotion was on their bodies the break outs seemed to get a lot better. 

Jude has his third birthday in a few days! I really hope he feels better by then! He talks about ‘birthay cake’ every day.  I think we made it through the worst with the boys chicken pox. I really get anxiety when the boys are sick, bad fevers,  intense coughs.  My nerves hung on!

RoarRo!-7987Royal when he had his fever for a few days would just throw these little tantrums, ‘Roar!” ‘Roar!” My goodness, he was a sick bird. The fussiest I have ever seen him!

Royalinrepair-7996IMG_7993Thanks love for the cupcakes, that was the sweetest surprise. Ryan brought me home some treats after taking care of chicken pocked kids for three days. It wears on you being in quarantine mode. Wow!

Morninglightmomheretoo-7829I have been trying to get in front of the camera a bit when I pull it out, I don’t want to dread the camera – I don’t – but I can recognize how complacent and comfortable I can get just hanging behind.

I wrote this post a few days ago. We are on our family vacation currently but we finally have a good connection that I could publish. Hopefully more updates to come. Happy Holidays! I sure have missed staying connected.

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    • Hey Toppy!! Merry Christmas! We have good internet so we should skype sometime this weekend. Today is Jude’s birthday- we are all settled in and relaxing. Love you guys! I can’t wait to talk to Uncle Austin!

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