In the Borghese Gardens (What a treat to experience some nature! We weren’t planning on that!)

22 December 2013

Ciao! Ryan and I both agree that Italy has exceeded our expectations. This place is amazing. We walk everywhere and it’s proving to be just perfect. The best museum in Rome really is the city itself – every street it just breathtaking. There is so much to take in. Ryan rented a little apartment off VBRO and it’s been perfect for us. We have a kitchen, washer and dryer, a nice pullout bed for the boys, a crib for Royal and a good master bedroom/bath. It’s just right. I definitely prefer this sort of arrangement over being in a small room in a hotel.  We are a short walk from Trevi Fountain so we have access to pretty much everywhere we want to go. Our days have been packed. We told ourselves we wouldn’t push to do too much in one day with the kids but they’ve been so good and once you’re out it’s easy to just ‘stay out!’ When we feel like we need a pick me up we’ll just grab some pizza, a panini, or gelato. (Maybe it’s that we are so used to things being expensive in Dubai but the price of food hasn’t been bad so far) The fresh gelato really is something amazing. It’s heaven. There is a place we pass every night and they give you a lot for 2 euros. Finn has declared that he wants his ‘own’ now. Anyways, we are having a great time. It’s nice when you plan these things and they turn out to be fun for everyone. I have (of course) lots of pictures. I have spent a lot of time getting them uploaded – so hopefully I can drop what I have in here for you to see. I am leaving so many fun ones out (like many of the sites we’ve seen!), but there is just too much! I’ll scale down better tomorrow.

IMG_8316IMG_8229Definitely going back here. Surprisingly close to the Pantheon. We just loved this piaza. Mr. picked out this cookie and boy he hit the jack pot.

Italy2.11-8292 IMG_8224IMG_8280 IMG_8262 Italy2.10-8135 IMG_8159IMG_8116 Italy2.9TreviJ-8108 IMG_8062 IMG_8011Old habits die hard-  the boys when they are outside in Dubai immediately request their sunglasses. So, it was no surprise when the sun came out the boys wanted their sunglasses. Jude’s glasses finally suffered a casualty. We’ll have to put new lenses in his! haha!

Italy2.6PiazaPolo2-8511Italy2.4-8430 IMG_8436 Italy2.3-8417 Italy2.2-8406 Italy1.3elevator-8389 The boys can’t get enough of our little European elevator outside the apartment.

IMG_8475 IMG_8491 IMG_8488 Italy2.8-8459 Italy2.7BorgheseGardens-8485The boys and I laughed so hard today! So many funny moments. We might do a day trip to either Florence, Venice, or Naples. We still have Vatican city to see here as well as our official trip to the Colosseum. We have a great internet connection here, so if any of you want to skype shoot us an e-mail! Love you, Happy Holidays!


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  1. Heather and Ryan I am so glad you are having this experience! Everyone looks great. It is so fun to see you in nature. Heather, you are amazing….you look so beautiful! Hugs and Kissses

    • Thanks Gigi! It was so fun skyping with you guys. I cannot get over that story about the cat. When Dad showed me what it looked like in your back yard I couldn’t believe it! There is sooo much snow. You will have a Winter Wonderland for Christmas! We are all feeling really good, after being so sick and sedentary the first day, or two I felt pretty winded walking around. I am feeling much stronger now – some good food and lots of walking I’m bouncing back!

  2. The detail in the stone, and architecture is just so impressive, everywhere that you look! Makes me wonder about the artists… the sacrifices they made. And the paintings in the cathedrals, on the ceilings no less, just leave you awestruck don’t they? To so creative, with few sophisticated tools. Art that endures centuries! The statues, the arches, columns… I love all of it! Favorite in this blogpost has to be Finn and Ryan looking at the statue /face. Love the boys haircuts! Have a little gelato for me! What a great way to spend Christmas. So glad you did it! Mom

    • Thanks Grandma Cindy! I like that one too, we’ve gotten lucky and found quite a few fun activities for the boys. They do these little Christmas markets in some of the piazas and they have games for the kids – like the carousel. We have taken a lot of video. You are going to crack up when we send you some of these. Today I think I might have to try of some of those roasted chestnuts we see everywhere. Say to Aunt Emily for me, I think she gets in today! Hello Uncle Clayton, miss you guys!

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