Italy4Colosseum7boystogether-25 December 2013

Merry Christmas!! We are having a great time on our trip but our thoughts frequently turn to our wonderful families. We are so lucky, we love to be with our families so much. We are thinking of you.

Italy4Colosseum5-8580Ryan can’t stop saying, “I love this city!” We are having a great time, it’s hard dragging Ryan in at night – and he’s bursting to get out in the morning. It’s like he’s a kid again! I teased him the other day, between the two of us at times I’ve thought I had more energy between the two of us- but he is definitely out doing me. He’s been a pack mule for most of the trip. I keep thinking, “How are you doing this?! What are you running off of? I am dragging a little now, it’s nice that it’s Christmas and nearly everything is closed. It gives me an excuse to take it easy.  If it wasn’t Christmas we’d be out seeing the Spanish steps- climbing up those beautiful hills up the Medici garden.

Italy4Colosseum6-8587Finn said on the train yesterday morning, “Guess what Mommy?!” “What Mr?!” “I love Italy!” The boys LOVED taking the train. We’ve been able to keep it really fun for them. With stops for pizza, gelato, going on many carousel rides that you can find in many of the piazas.  Coming during the off season was a good choice, there is significantly fewer tourists. It’s been fun watching the boys faces. They really have thought it was cool. In the Colossum, the boys heard that lions and tigers used to be kept there in the cages and the whole time they ran around looking in all of the cages.



Any lion and tigers in here??

Italy4Colosseum15-8627Italy4Colosseum4-8575After walking around the Colosseum we explored the hills behind it – they were stunning. The trees is Rome are beautiful.

Italy4Colosseum9-8669Pushing, carrying, walking the boys everywhere can really take it out of a person!

Italy4Colosseum10-8687Italy4Colosseum11surprise-8700Surprise! For your wonderful patience through all the adult stuff.

Italy4Colosseum13-8732 Italy4Colosseum12-8710Gladiators! Finn said, “No! Don’t call me Mr. Finn! Gladiator! You call me gladiator!” haha! Finn sure has caught on fast to sword fighting. He would be a little natural at fencing!


5 responses

  1. Can’t wait to hear what you think of Florence! It is one of my favorite cities… So charming. Great food and pottery! You will absolutely love it! Merry Christmas! Love you all!

  2. Wow. That colleseum looks massive and amazing. Cute gladiator pictures! Fun for the boys! Merry christmas! Say hello to the Pope for us; I hear he walks the streets.

  3. It is so beautiful! It was great talking to you guys! It really is amazing how you can be so far away but still feel close over the phone!

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