Happy Birthday Jude!


Italy5.3-8751Italy5.2-8949Ryan here – we have a ton of photos, and as much as I’d like to share all the good ones, it turns out hauling these kids around is pretty exhausting! Merry Christmas! It was great to talk to our parents today, and we’ve taken it easy today (mostly), which was a welcomed break from the pace of the last few days. We celebrated Jude’s birthday at a restaurant on Piazza Navona, and he was ecstatic when they brought out his cake and sang Happy Birthday to him in Italian. All three boys have been so well behaved. Jude, newly potty-trained in a city with few public restrooms, has been on top of it! Santa brought Mr. Finn a Spiderman, so he now has a new superhero to tour the city with. Italy5.4-8907Royal has been Mr. Mischievous riding in the bag. Italy5.1-8992Mr. Finn’s turn in “the bag.” Italy5.6-8913IMG_8840Boboli Gardens was a favorite – beautiful views from the porcelain gallery on top. Heather just finished ‘Inferno,’ and I’m half-way through it, so I guess that added a little intrigue to the visit. Italy5.7-8918 Italy5.8-8756 Italy5.9birthday-8759 Italy5.10-8767 Italy5.11-8877 Italy5.13-8801 Italy5.14-8902Royal James loved taking the Santa hat off mom’s head! A few photos in here of our day in Florence – what a magnificent city! I could certainly take another dozen trips to Italy and not get tired of this country. It has been an adventure around every corner! Heather is doing an amazing job keeping the boys happy and healthy – she even brought our small Christmas tree from home to make Christmas morning exciting for them. We miss our families on Christmas.Italy5.15-8904IMG_8338IMG_8825IMG_8813IMG_8856IMG_8820

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  1. Great post! So much beauty! Mix in some superheros and a birthday and you get lots of wonderful memories. Happy birthday, Jude!

  2. happy, happy, happy birthday, Jude!!! I love you so much, little guy. merry christmas to you guys! love you so much, and missed you lots today…but I’m so happy you’re having a wonderful trip. xoxox.

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