Vatican City and Our Favorite Spot

Italy7.6-903127 December 2013

This is our last post from Italy, tonight is our last night in our little place. I feel incredibly thankful to have had such an amazing time here in Rome.  I feel like we’ve walked nearly this enitre city, but I know there is so much more to see and discover. Last night it rained so hard! It was so fun hearing the rain coming down in the middle of the night. We woke up and went straight out to Vatican City. The boys don’t have too much patience for museums but we did the best that we could. Ryan and I both got a lot out of our trip. The Pope just happened to come out of his window and delivered a short sermon in Italian. We were both really excited when we saw on the jumbo trons that they have in the square that his light was on his room and people started to shout. We looked up and sure enough there he was!


More than anything being in this city has inspired me to want to create, not necessarily art but I feel like I’m more aware at our innate desire to create as people. I am excited to put into action some of my new desires and plans. Thank you love for making this trip a reality. We both have loved looking forward to our trip to Italy. When everyone got the chicken pox we thought we weren’t going for sure! Thankfully everyone’s energy and heath improved in time. Our move to Dubai was quite stressful in some aspects, going on this trip provided us with a chance to heal our nerve endings, connect, and enjoy some real culture! Even though site seeing can be exhausting I feel very rejuvenated.

Italy7.1Vatican-9032One of our favorite sites here in Rome has been the Pantheon. Ryan especially loves it. I just love that entire piaza. Today we discovered a renowned coffee shop around the corner that is a real hit with the locals. Of course this piaza is also home to my favorite bakery and sandwich shop.


Italy7.3-9108I literally am beaming with joy after getting gelato. We found a few new favorite places today. This new gelato place is one. Wow, they had good stuff. We also stumbled on this fantastic old book store just filled with old books, maps, and art. We could have been in there for hours. Fun, fun!, fun For our last day we’ll probably go up to the Medici Garden one last time, it’s up past the Spanish steps – we just love it up there! We’ve already been up there twice but it’s breathtaking. I think we’re going to  go try this sweet fabric store we went to a few days ago again. It is huge. Their collection of fabrics is seriously out of this world. They have everything you could ever want. For Christmas the plan was to give Ryan some fabric. I want him to pick it out though.



Tomorrow is a special, special day! I am so excited – and a little choked up at the reality that I am so far away. Tomorrow my brother Austin gets home from his mission. The picture below is my brother Tanner getting home. A missionary coming home is such a special moment. I can’t wait to talk to Austin. The last two years have felt incredibly long – finally they are over. (You know it’s been long when I don’t have one photo of him anywhere on my hard drive or blog!) We’ve missed him. Welcome home Austin oh how we love you!


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  1. Bravo! Another great post. I know how much effort it takes to put so much in writing. Thank you! Glad you were able to recharge your souls in Italy! Safe travels! Welcome home Austin!

  2. Amazing places you have traveled. I am so sad the Miller’s won’t be here tonight to see Austin come off the plane you make everything so fun and special. I miss you all

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