Camel Races

CamelJockeys-925717 January 2014

Happy New Year! Well we are starting off the New Year with a lot of changes: for starters we now live back in the United States. Ryan, along with nearly everyone else in his department were laid off the day after we got back from Italy. (Ouch! Who wants that after taking an expensive vacation!) Ryan’s job had been filled some big highs and lows so in someways it came as no surprise. We learned quickly to expect anything. Although I really do love Dubai, we never were able to get the entire family thriving and both of us seriously doubted if we could. So after some long days of serious deliberation we decided to take the hard road of transitioning back to the US. There were definitely opportunities for Ryan there but for one thing he really didn’t want to work for a local company and secondly we thought we’d all be better off back in the United States. With that said: boy are there things that I’m going to miss. What I will miss most hands down are the people. Dubai is filled with so many interesting people. We made some close friendships despite the short time, and I hope I can maintain those frienships.

Jude&AllisonRacetrack-9259After making the choice to move back to the United States we made a swift transition. Thankfully we are able to get some of our money back from our apartment. (They needed the place in six days after we made an inquiry about it!) One of many contributing factors to our rapid move.

Alltheboysatthecamelraces-9294We went with huge group of friends to the camel races a week before we left. We had a lot of fun. The weather truly is magnificent in the winter. You just literally have to be somewhere else, or inside the other six months of the year!

Handler-9279I learned that this sign means ‘Victory’. You see it a lot in Dubai. There are big signs everywhere with Sheik Mohammed doing it. The camel handlers were pretty sweet. Very authentic, wow. They are the real deal and all.

CamelStart-9288And…. they’re off! You may notice the camels have little robot jockeys on top of them. Apparently children used to ride them but there were too many deaths so that obviously stopped.

CamelRacesRo-9284Royal has had an ear infection, poor thing. He’s not quite himself.

CamelRaces1-9253This cracks me up, Mr Finn looking on at the camels in true superhero style. I have many more photos but I seem to have misplaced my camera bag. Oh well until tomorrow. I am so happy to be back in touch with the world. My brother Austin said, “Man, it’s like you’ve been on Gilligan’s Island!” I am enjoying so many simple pleasures: tons of fresh produce, boars head deli meat, ice, lemon bars 🙂 How sweet is that my mom had lemon bars in the freezer for me?! Not to mention a really soft bed, heaven!

  This is the first time in over four years that my whole family has been together like this. I am having so much fun. Gigi has worked her Gigi magic and made an amazing little set up for the boys. They have have their own room now. I can’t wait to work the camera a bit. I have really missed my mom I am enjoying her company so much. Mr Finn and Jude even though they had very little sleep over our flight were both ecstatic to see my family. Getting home and having Finn and Jude see their Gigi oh it brought me to tears. Family is the best thing. Austin was able to come to the airport as well despite landing at 11:30 at night! Yikes! Jet lag hasn’t been as bad as it was going there. Shrieks, lots of shrikes of delight.

The flight was… well, it’s in the past. We did really well. It’s all mental but moments felt a bit insuffrable. Royal on my lap was painful. I couldn’t feel my legs whenever I was holding him (Which was most of the time). Wow he’s getting big. Ryan was really helpful with Royal on the flight. Baby bear really loves his dad. They snuggle, it’s really sweet. Even the slightest reprieve helps me so much. 27 hours later of travel later we made it!

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  1. Glad you guys made it back here safe and sound! What an adventure! Thanks for letting me share in it. I am still convinced you are super-parents with all you were able to handle so graciously. We will have to have you guys over for a kabsa at our place and do our best to create some authentic middle eastern dishes to reminisce with. 🙂

    • Kaisa that would be so much fun. Ryan and I would love to come over and see you guys sometime. The highs were so high and the lows were… Well we’ve definitely learned to avoid local Middle Eastern Companies.

  2. Heather! I just can’t wait until you’re back here. It sounds like we’ve both been through a lot in the past six months. I can’t wait to hear everything and just catch up. I’ve really missed you, friend! Much love, beautiful girl! I hope Ryan finds something soon! He’s so bright and capable, I’m sure he will!

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