Closing A Chapter


20 January 2014

Dad bought the boys a top while we were in Rome and we played with it all the time. Unfortunately I still haven’t been able to import any of my photos yet. Curse my procrastination. All in good time. This probably will not be the last post about Dubai. I find it is always much harder to blog when you’re blogging about the past. The amount of things that needed to fall into the place the last two days we were in Dubai was insane. Let me share: Ryan accepted his severance from work, we picked up our things from the tailor, received Ryan’s passport back from immigration because they needed it to cancel his work permit – (six o’clock the night before our flight we got his passport) Is that crazy or what? Stressful, that’s what it was! We went and paid our final bill at DUA (The Dubai Electric Plant) I met some of my friends for breakfast the day before left. Oh it was a fun and exhausting last 48 hours, and that wasn’t even including loading our stuff into a container! It took the movers 2 days to move our stuff and we didn’t go and stay in a hotel so we played this little dance of trying to leave out all the necessary stuff until the last minute!We moved out AND cleaned our apartment. They had a new tenant coming in the next day and we had to clean it good enough for them.

The Irvine Company has completely spoiled me! We had all the surfaces cleaned and everything was out and then our Realtor came in and said, that WE needed to deep clean it, paint it, and fill in any holes. Because a new tenant was coming in the next day to move in. Why didn’t they specify that a week ago when we said they were moving out! Anyways, Ryan was up until 3 am cleaning. I gave up at 2. At midnight we discovered we LOST our key to the apartment and we wouldn’t get our money back unless we had new keys made so I had to SNEAK in a locksmith into our building. My first attempt failed -so we tried another way and finally at 1 am I was victorious. New keys were left for the new tenant, the holes were filled with tooth paste because no stores were open to buy the filler, and everything was deep cleaned. We left our apartment building at 4:15 for 7 am flight back to the US! When we took off I looked out the window and you can literally see the downtown sky line perfectly how your window and there is Index. It was a surreal experience.

IMG_9203IMG_9217For Christmas we bought some fabric at one of the fabric stores we visited in Rome. I love how our pieces turned out. I’m not sure which one is my favorite. We will definitely miss the affordable tailoring in Dubai. We were referred to a great place by our friends the Kennetts it wasn’t way cheap but the quality was really good. I brought in a dress, a few blouses, and pencil skirts and they did everything perfectly. I was ecstatic. Ryan’s stuff turned out awesome too. Custom tailoring looks so good on Cheri.

-5Lunch with the Kennetts! We sure are going to miss those guys!-6Superman joined us at Paul. I am going to miss many of the restaurants in Dubai, but definitely  not the grocery stores!-4You guys know me! Of course I became good friends with all the maintenance staff at Index.

There’s Jude destroying Shakespeare and Co.

-7-9Snapped a quick picture of the gym we worked out in our building. We really enjoyed using the sauna the last month while we were there. -11Laughing it up with Jake! The boys love having a babysitter. -10And…. the wild ride has begun!-12-1The boys loved wearing their sunglasses. The sun was so blaring that you’d be crazy not to want your glasses! Finn loved going out as Superman. What I can say, I couldn’t say no, he’s such a cute Superman. IMG_9197

This is when we landed in Dubai from Rome. We landed at 5 am in the morning! What can we say it was significantly cheaper but that sure was rough!

Those were a few shots from our phones over the last few days in Dubai.  Like I said in my previous post the people in Dubai are what we are going to miss the most. That’s it for now. Now being back in the United States I almost can’t believe some of the stuff we’ve been through. I feel really good about being back in the US. I think this is where we’re meant to be.

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  1. The photo of Finn & the spinning top is awesome. I seriously love it. We are so happy you’re home. I’m sure you will always remember your time in Dubai…and it’ll be great for you to have a fresh start. Love you.

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