Uncle Austin Babysits

20  January 2014

The Millers are coming back to life… slowly! After the 27 hours of travel we all got the stomach flu! Ouch! My hard drive in my computer is a complete mess. I was really bad in Dubai backing up my stuff (something I was previously so good at!) I am getting everything sorted, which means new pictures! Today I was looking through Austin’s phone and I found this little gem. Ryan and I had gone out for a little dinner with my parents before the flu hit and Austin had watched my boys. They had a great time. I love you Austin! I’m so glad you’re home. Uncle Austin is a lot of fun.


There has been a lot of this going around. The first week of jet lag is so painful! Not going to lie, I feel hammered – most of that is because of Royal though: ear infection, and bloody gums. That kid is growing like a weed.

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