Soup at Sundance


22 January 2014

We are entering into a new chapter of life now. One that we will probably look back on as the ‘unemployed chapter’ to be honest. So far this chapter has had it’s perks though- like being able to spend some time with Ryan. Today was the first time since we got back from Dubai that I have actually felt truly human. The jet lag and stomach flu has been insufferable. Royal has had the roughest time: sick, sick, sick and getting no sleep. Last night however we finally found reprieve, Royal slept!  It felt so good to be out and about today. As Austin said to me the other day, “Wow Hb! Out of hibernation?” It’s been rough. But, we’re back and I’ve added my health to a long list of things not to take for granted.

Hbreflecting-9489With my regained health came an actual realization that we’re back in the US. I feel like I’ve been floating. So many things just miraculously in front of me and working seamlessly. It’s actually quite shocking. The boys were sick on Sunday so they stayed home with Ryan. I took the opportunity to hit up church alone with my Dad. I didn’t predict to feel much culture shock at church. That was the one consistent thing we really had. However, when the congregation sang, and I could hear the organ playing. I seriously tried hard to blend in but I must not have because my Dad looked at me and said, “It’s different isn’t it?” I just burst into tears! All those voices, I really had gotten so used to our small little ward, which I loved.

IMG_9533IMG_9523Finn has been talking about going skiing for weeks! Ever since he figured out we could be going back to Gigi and Toppy’s house he’s been talking about the snow! Today when he saw the snow on the mountain he gasped and said, “Snow!” It was so cute. He said there are people making snowmen up there! haha, no quite. But we let them walk around. I could feel the native Utah eyes on us and I couldn’t help but laugh between Southern California and Dubai we’re not blending in well. Finn touching snow like it’s the first time! haha!

IMG_9460Sure love running into people. You can’t go anywhere in Utah without running into people you know. It’s amazing. The minute we touched down in Dallas we were running into people we knew. I couldn’t believe it. So just so you all know: I am officially old. I can’t believe my little brother’s friends are now in the stage of life that they are easily either married, pregnant, or landing stable jobs! I saw this little guy and I couldn’t help but ask, “Are you married?!” I’m old!

IMG_9532Jude is a talking bird! His speech really is improving. One week in the United States and he’s already had a speech therapy appointment. Exhibit A life is sooo much easier in the US.  We’ve been back one week!

IMG_9526Love that winter sun!

IMG_9529The boys sure have been thriving since getting home. They love Gigis’ house!

IMG_9518Everyone except Dad now has passed the through the throwing up stage of the flu. Poor Royal bear! We’ll see if Dad holds on!


Hb&boysdance-95096+ years ago we had our wedding reception in the building behind me in this photo. Today, of course, we were there with all three boys! Today Finn turned to me and said, “Mom? Do you miss the Dubai Mall?! He had such a sneaky smile on his face too. Finn, while you are not in preschool and I truly do feel horrible that your days don’t have a little more structure for only being four years old you are quite interesting and inquisitive.

IMG_9496IMG_9493My favorite thing about being back hands down has been spending time with my family. Second, I just love how easy everything feels. I get to do my hair in the bathroom! What?! I can plug everything in one swift motion: no adapters, no converters?? No lugging a 5 lb box to the other room just to plug something in!

Hbinhall-9478Love my handsome boys! 

Alltheboyssundance-9476Ryan was particularly in heaven today, showing Mr. Finn and Jude the Sundance photos and just being there. We both love Sundance for so many reasons – I lived there for a few years when I was a kid, and Ryan and I spent a lot of days and nights up there when we were dating. And the wedding reception. And well . . . it is just fantastic in so many ways. Too many ways to count.

4 responses

  1. I love you sweetheart! I saw and felt those tears coming in Sacrament meeting……how could you not with all that love around you and those words from that wonderful hymn…….”how he happily ransomed us…”

    I love you and am so happy to have you home with us for a short while…….

  2. HB! The light in these pictures is so different from the photos taken in Dubai… Just crisper, sharper. Or is it my imagination? Beautiful! Sundance is magical and I’m so glad you got there! Even Superman looks more vibrant and alive! Love you all so much, Mom

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