A Movie At the Bird

Familyphotosnowbird-9596 copy29 January 2014

Tonight we all went up to Snowbird and caught one of their bi-weekly showings of either Tetotn Gravity’s latest film or Warren Miller’s latest film depending on the night. Tonight it was the Teton Gravity film. We hadn’t actually been to this before but the night in general exceeded our expectations. I love it when that happens! Mason came along with us to see the movie and ended up really making the night fun. He was a lot of help with the boys and honestly it’s nearly impossible for my boys to be sad when Uncle Mason is around!


We have really started to settle in which feels so good after transitioning so much. The boys love going on our little outings during the day but they are always so anxious to get back to Gigi’s house!
MomandRoyalSnowbird-9572 copyIMG_9579

Jude and Finn loved sliding around the snow they both pretended that they were skiing. We’ll take them up soon, we’re going to wait for the weather to warm up. It won’t make that big of a difference for them how good the snow is.

IMG_9604They play the film for free on the tenth floor of The Cliff Lodge in this restaurant.

IMG_9565IMG_9607IMG_9594IMG_9551MasonandIBird-9575 copyThanks for coming up with us Mason! We had a really fun time tonight. Since we’ve last blogged, Ryan is making a lot of head way into the job search. He probably averages applying to 10 different jobs a day. No bites yet, he’s working really hard at staying active and positive. We’re trying to manage our time better, make time to do a little outing together as a family. We’ve loved taking family drives together and letting the kids sleep in the car.


IMG_9540 IMG_9543Jude, you’re precious. Did you know that he wakes up happy from his naps nearly 95% of the time. Mr Finn however 70% of the time will break down into exhausted sobs after napping. He doesn’t seem to take as well to napping during the day anymore. He always wakes up fussy!

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  1. Heather and Ryan what a wonderful night! Thank you for including Mason…he is looking so old in the pictures. This is a special time for the boys to be around your beautiful 3!!!!

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