Fresh Snow

RoyalandIFreshSnow-968331 January 2014

It was the idea of a moment like this (above) that gave me the courage to say yes to moving ALL the way back home to the US after going through so much to make our move work in Dubai. We get out so much more with the boys than we did back in Dubai – even in the dead of winter. We are so lucky to live in the US! Staying at Gigi’s house is so much fun. Now that we’ve all settled in the boys and I are already thriving.  I’ve been going to a yoga class a few times a week and loving it. I forgot to pull my mat out before everything got packed up in Dubai so I bought a new one today. Ohhhh boy, I am so excited about my new purchase. Holy Mackrel, I’m a lucky girl! Love all those deep breaths, nothing like having a lot of oxygen in your face and body to make you feel healthy and alive. Being outside is so good for the soul and with the job search taking a toll mentally we are trying really hard to get out.

Ryanandboystrekingthroughfreshsnow-9713IMG_9760IMG_9726IMG_9662IMG_9731IMG_9751IMG_9664IMG_9775IMG_9676Hbandboystrekingon-9755IMG_9773Ourdestination-9737IMG_9693All the boys were such good sports – no tears, except for Mr. Finn’s at the end. Time to go! Luckily it wasn’t too cold, and the snow was packed down enough from the early morning snowshoers that we didn’t punch through much. The boys were in church shoes, so Ryan carried them most of the way. It isn’t about the gear, right? They actually loved it. I think we all did! We of course had the camera in the car, and maybe all the photos are excessive, but who could resist?! These mountains – wow!


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  1. Terrific shots! First picture, Heather with the monkey! Priceless! Love that little mischievous Norwegian… Can’t you see the sparkle in his eyes? Hey Finn! where’s the man with the red cape??? Absolutely beautiful! So glad to see that camera is getting used and the blog is alive and well! And so great to talk to you guys on the phone whenever we want and not worry about the 10 hour time difference! No more 4 am calls. We love you all! Beautiful post! 🙂


  2. Gorgeous pics!! Oh, I love snow pictures….the contrasts are so beautiful. I agree about these Utah mountains….I fall in love everyday. 🙂 So glad you guys are playing and having a good time amidst the stress of moving/job searching!

    • Kaisa! I missed you at the ah-ha reunion! I was so excited to talk to you. We’ll just have to get together. Ryan and I want to come see you, let’s go on a fun date. Maybe go snow shoeing or something?! All this snow is amazing!

  3. Isn’t it lovely here? So glad you could make it home for some lovely freshies up the mountains, even if you’re enjoying them in cropped pants and church shoes! 🙂 Looking so good Heath. If you have some free time, I’d love to see you. You need to meet Gordon and I need to meet Royal. Welcome home.

    • Grace!! I am so excited to meet Gordon, he is such a beautiful baby. He is precious. We literally haven’t even driven up to Salt Lake yet since we’ve gotten here. I would love to get together. When is good for you? Email me! We could also do a night out and Ry and I could leave the kids at home and come up?? What do you think?

  4. So beautiful!!! Not excessive at all! I’m so glad you’re thriving!! Best of luck with the job search! It is taxing, to day the least.

    • Love you girl! Your family pics turned out amazing- way to get out there and enjoy it! You’re amazing. I’d love to talk to you and hear how you like it where you are. Do you love being closer to the beach ? Do you miss Tustin? We just love that little area. Ryan is coming out to California in a few days, I don’t know how you survived last year with the change of jobs being the smallest of challenges, you my dear are superwoman! Looking for a job is stressful and quite emotional! Thankfully we’re at Gigi’s!

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