First Family Ski

FamilyFirstSki-9971 copy

5th February 2014

This is the first time in four years that we have been able to enjoy winter! It is amazing! Wow, I really didn’t think I missed the seasons but I have really been enjoying the snow. Every night when the sun sets the Alpenglow against the mountains is out of this world. We’ve been so excited to take the boys skiing but we didn’t have any ski pants or gloves not to mention buying passes so we were trying to think this through on how to make it happen. Well two days ago it all came together for us – did you know that kids five and under are FREE? Unbelievable, I am officially loving my time here. We were so excited to take the boys up, not only are the kids free but all ages are free on the tow rope at Sundance. It’s so cool so if you don’t know how to ski you can get up there a few times before taking on the mountain. It’s been snowing off and on for days and there is a lot of snow up there. Finn has been talking about going skiing since we were back in Dubai. We had only one moment of tears today with Finn, when we told him that he wouldn’t be using poles. That Curious George Goes Skiing episode really stuck with him! Both the boys did really well. We didn’t push them on learning to turn or stop- we just let them enjoy going straight down in a pizza. We’ll definitely be going back many times before we leave Utah. It’s so convenient that Sundance is such a quick drive up. It’s seriously 15 minutes and you’re there.


Mr. Finn was very excited about the boots. He was equally disappointed that he didn’t get to use poles.JpegWe picked up their ski rentals at Nyman’s Ski Shop, where we also got “Believe in Steven” pins – Steven is on the Olympic downhill team – keep an eye out for him in the coming weeks! When Heather was living up at Sundance as a kid, they were close friends with the Nyman family; Scott is now the Bishop of their family ward. Anyways, we love this ski shop. And we believe in Steven.

IMG_9937Holy Mackrel!! Skiing with children is HARD on the body. I can’t remember the last time my knees hurt so bad. We grabbed lunch after and I had to bite my teeth together to try and keep out a groan. The boys loved going up the tow rope, Dad and I both would take a minute or two before grabbing the line to go for the next run. As mentioned it was a little rough on the body pulling them up. This is the first time that I truly felt grateful that I have kids young. If my knees hurt now, I can’t imagine later.

IMG_9967Look who met us up there? Uncle Cory! One of our dearest friends from BYU  just happened to fly into Utah today to do some skiing as well. We pulled into our parking place at the dance and about a minute later who should pull up right next to us but Cory. He was planning on meeting us up there but we didn’t think it would work out that nicely! It really turned out great because he was able to help us with Royal a lot.  There are a lot of pictures, although nearly all my focus was on the boys.

IMG_9952IMG_9906IMG_9948IMG_9910IMG_9968IMG_9976IMG_9980IMG_9964IMG_9912IMG_9923IMG_9961Potty break. Jude’s break quickly ensued after Finn’s. He had at least three layers under his snow overalls. That was tricky.


SkiinyJude&Dad-9931 copyTheboysfirstski-9985 copyIMG_9955IMG_9974IMG_9999IMG_9996We’ve got a happy bear!

The day was a success, despite the almost four hour transition. Steerug. The first time is always the hardest though tracking down the right socks, underwear, ski pants, gloves. The next time will be much smoother. I borrowed one pair of snow pants, we’ll have to buy a new pair before we go. Austin’s mission companion had borrowed my skis and I couldn’t track down my boots – but everything is accounted for. It’s amazing how good ski gear can serve you well forever. I absolutely adore my mittens. It’s impossible for my hands to get cold in my intense leather mittens they are my favorite.  Finn asked at least five times at lunch to go back skiing again, he loved it. We didn’t push him too much to do more than just ski down the mountain. Jude would get so nervous when you would let go of him by the end he would ski a little on his own. I don’t know how much he’ll progress through the season. His coordination has a little way to go if we’re going to get him turning but the point is just to be up there.

Ryan is off to Southern California tomorrow. He flies into LA around ten, he’s taking that direct flight form Provo. We’ll see how the first round of reconnaissance goes. He’s not sure how long he’ll be out there. We’ve had a really fun week. I have a few more updates to share -soon. Love you guys, ta ta for now.


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