Still Enjoying Lots of Snow!

IMG_964510 February 2014

Everytime I write 2014 it sort of blows my mind! That is just crazy. We are still enjoying lots of snow here. I have LOVED  the changing weather. To be able to wear winter clothes has been such a fun change. Ryan has been in California the last few days looking for a job. We’ve been missing him but he’s had a great time getting caught up with friends and navigating his network back there. I am so thankful for great friends that are willing to take time out of their busy schedules to meet with Ryan- give him some encouraging words and point him in the right direction. My mom has been a great help getting me breaks. Even with him gone I’ve been able to sneak in some exercise and some meaningful downtime. It makes all the difference. Norwegian Jude has been giving me a run for my money this week with this sporadic regression in potty training. We went from not having an accident in months to him peeing his pants yesterday at church and then tonight going poopers in his shorts! I about died! He hasn’t been feeling good, his bowels have been holding up really well considerably but something did not sit well! 


Every evening I could go outside with my camera and snap pictures of the mountains. They are just magnificent. I didn’t even play with the colors in that picture (above) the blue was just that blue. The minute I went outside I face planted on the ground after slipping on some ice -so struggs! That is the view from outside the front of my parents house. I love when the Alpenglow sets in – Ryan has all of my true evening pictures on our computer which he has – along with some great pictures of Jude heading to preschool. We tried putting Jude in a twice a week program but after one day they said it wasn’t going to work. He’s still too young. I am going to get into something where hopefully he can learn how to sit still and follow directions. He’s still quite young – he just barely turned three and everyone is four or older. We took him to lunch after his first day and tried to be encouraging. Every Tuesday and Thursday when I take Finn it’s just heart breaking if Jude is there too he just begs and cries to go too and play with the other kids. 


I still can’t get over real clouds. I know… the clouds in Dubai weren’t fake but they didn’t seem very robust to me!


Nothing like being cozy with a fire going!


Jude loved watching the snow coming down from inside! Finn was a little hesitant, he’s not used to seeing things come out of the sky!

IMG_9649IMG_9657I’m hoping to go skiing this week. It’s been a few years, that would be a lot of fun. It’s been ages since I skied with one of my brothers.  

Something about seeing so much moisture! It still hasn’t gotten old! 

TannerandJude-9135One of the side projects I’ve been working on when I’m not: talking with my family, watching Downton Abbey, knitting, reading (I’m currently reading ‘Happier’ and ‘Book of Mormon Girl’ again), or hitting up a yoga class on my new super sweet yoga mat (Ah! So many ways I want to spend my time and not enough of it!!) has been going through the pictures I have of my family. I haven’t updated their photo boards in over two years. It’s incredibly overwhelming, I take A LOT of pictures and I’ve been kind of shocked on how so many haven’t been up on the blog. I had to dig through a lot! It’s a real pain digging through a hard drive for a certain photo. I will have to show you how the boards turn out. I didn’t have this photo of Tanner up, and if I ever want to go looking for it it’s easy to find in my posts. Maybe Ryan will throw up some shots of him surfing- I hope you catch some waves tomorrow love!

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  1. Hi Millers!!
    It’s so exciting to have you in the state of Utah! Dean and I would love to have you and your kids over for dinner, will invite all of our kids and meet your darling boys! Let me know what time works for you!

    • Maria!!! Thank you for reaching out, it’s so good to hear from you. We would love to come over and catch up- absolutely! I want to see everyone. Not to mention eating your amazing food would absolutely make my soul sing with happiness! When would work for you? Ryan has been in California and is getting back tomorrow. We are open!

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