Together Again…Briefly

BrockbankFamily-012619  February 2013

Ryan is back in California already- such a short stay. He has some good job leads so that is incredibly encouraging.  While he was back we all got to spend some Brockbank family time. My dad just got back from Taipei and his trip went really well too. Here are some shots of us taking the boys to ride the horse. This was their first ride since being back from Dubai- I had forgotten what total elation they feel on the carousel. Fun night, great people.

IMG_0086Still loving that Panda Bear!






Go Toppy go!! He was finishing his bike ride right as we pulled up. The weather has been so warm, 60 degrees! I really have enjoyed the seasons. There is no doubt that this is a challenging time of life, but the boys are thriving. Finn has been loving the preschool he goes to. Today he took Emporor Zerg for show and tell. I got in the car this morning and he asked me, “How can I help you today?”  He knew with Dad gone that I would want help. Man, I love, love, love those boys. When I am one on one with any of them I am just so incredibly happy and filled with love. It’s only when I have all three at once that I feel out of breath. It’s out of breath emotionally, and physically sometimes – but a lot of times it’s incredibly fun too. The gym is working out great, I have someone coming for an hour every day just make sure I get Jude one on one time every day. I was working with magnets with Jude and his coordination is improving- after he accomplished the activity he said to himself, “I did it!” It was so genuine, and he said it to himself – but it made me inspired to really work on activities that foster the chance to gain self esteem. Brockbankboys-0026IMG_0028Ryanworking-0141Sorry to embarrass you love – we’ve been working on the LinkedIn profile! He wouldn’t go for the candid shot. Way to go home and bring home the bacon. Mr Finn is so smart, tonight Toppy said: “Finn where is your Dad?” Finn said, “California, he’s looking for a job. ” Oh sweet Fin, he said it in a very somber tone. Did I ever mention on the blog that Finn thinks that Ryan for a living bakes croissants?? Every night in Dubai he’d come home with fresh baked croissants from the market next to his office. So the first time that Ryan went to California Finn said, “Bring home croissants!” Too funny. Last quote for you, the night we went to go get Ryan from the airport Finn was running around the house yelling to everyone, “I am getting my daddy back, I am getting my daddy back!” Thankfully we won’t have to do this for too long, I hope! 

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  1. Oh I’ve been out I the loop lately – LOVED this post. I can’t get over those one liners from Finn! And that he thinks Ryan bakes croissants – so hilarious what he puts together:) love him. The boys are so big – hard to believe we will have to wait until august to see everyone. Think of you guys lots – lots of love!! Kiss those sweethearts for me!

    • Libster!! You’re up late, probably up feeding Marlow eh? I have been caught on the late program myself. Ryan updated me a bit on you guys- you’re amazing Libby! What an adventure. I like the sounds of internal medicine. Keep me posted would you, glad you guys got out on a date. That looked like fun! Xoxo! Hb M

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