I’m Hooked


23, February 2014

So, it’s official I’m hooked on yoga and I think it’s here to stay for a while. I will get on different exercise kicks and it will take me a few years typically to move on to the next one. In high school when I wasn’t playing Lacrosse I loved to road bike. I’d go with my dad, my friends one of my brothers. It was my favorite. In college I loved swimming! I could not get enough of swimming laps then hitting up the steam room and even getting ready for the day right there in the gym. In the winter I loved skiing, that midweek season pass was so much fun. When I met Ryan I got into running. I wanted to do a half marathon and feel that sense of accomplishment. What started out as something I hated quickly turned into something I loved and ever since running has been my go to. I would try to go fairly regularly up until our move to Dubai. I mean living in California for those few years, who doesn’t like to run in California?! I would still go on runs in Dubai but rarely outside and the treadmill is not for me.

Well I am a month into regularly doing yoga and I love it. I reflected today on why I really seem to be taking to it. On one hand who doesn’t like yoga, it makes you feel so good. All that deep breathing and stretching. It’s easy on the body while also being a real challenge. I was so incredibly sore for my first two weeks. Today I figured out what it is. When I am in these poses my mind is totally silent just thinking about what I’m doing. Even when I go running a lot of times my mind is going a million miles an hour. I love the reflection time. It’s often times where I feel the most in touch spiritually. I have honest conversations about how I am doing as a mother, I think about my marriage, I think about my goals and reflect and come to peace with my shortcomings. I need to have that in my life. But I also need a silent mind badly! My day is largely spent around a lot of screaming -it’s true!  It’s why I have such an affinity with knitting too, I just get lost in what I’m doing and I get to just be.

I’m also so encouraged about how quickly your muscles respond to practice. Don’t worry you won’t be getting pictures of me all the time going into a new yoga pose – but it sure is a fun feeling when you can do something that you thought you’d never be able to! I do not consider myself to have a very strong core – but I think I might be getting one! I’m very excited about. Ryan always jokes with me now that he’ going to come down me and find me in ‘Rabbit Pose’ or fully extended into head stand. I was pulling up my mat from the gym with the boys and Jude looked at me and asked, “Rabbit Pose?” I have been trying to make the boys do a few stretches everyday too, I know it sounds nerdy. I think the breathing could be good for Jude and I think it could be helping because in the last week he’s progressed into being able to actually coast on his strider bike. Or as he calls it the “motorcycle”. Too fun. Finn has a great downward dog. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe it’s just a fad for me for a few months until we get back to California and I’ll want to just head out on runs but I don’t think so. The desire is burning deep, I think I’ll be keeping up my ‘practice’ (asRyan and I say :)) for a long while.

*So the photo I pulled- that’s Scorpion pose! This is my new goal. I may just have to post about it when I get it. My back bend is okay, but it’s not my greatest strength in my practice (Ryan and I like to use the jargon  – we mostly do it in jest- don’t take me too seriously) so maybe it won’t happen. I think it’s cool looking. I’ll report back if it ever happens!

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  1. I can’t wait to hear more about your yoga adventures! I bet you’ll love it. I am dying to lace up the running shoes again…it’s so great to have a little “me time” as a mom…and enjoy that silence! So glad you’re enjoying yoga, and I can’t wait to hear some updates. Oh, and I love Jude’s “rabbit pose?” comment. So cute! Sure love those boys.

    • Thanks Lelers! I am mailing out your booties tomorrow! They turned out really cute. I can’t wait to hear what you think of them. Love all your pictures- can’t wait to hear how you guys are doing. It’s got to be crazy with all three! I remember vividly thinking at first, ‘Woah! Welcome to the big leagues!’ Three kids is definitely juggling! I can’t wait for Ryan to get home!

      • Ahh! I’m so excited to see the booties! I’m sure we will love them!!! We are doing great. A&K are so good with Tippi. It’s a total balancing act with three kids. Big leagues for sure!! But I love it. Thanks again for the booties!!! I really can’t wait to get them in the mail. Love you!!

  2. I love yoga. When I think of something I wish I could add to my workout routine, that is all I am missing. It is so hard for me to fit in, but it is amazing!!

  3. My Dear Heather, I am very proud of you for doing this yoga! The deliberate “stilling of the mind” will lead to transformative things in your life and I can see how much it renews and energizes you. Keep it up! You are a beautiful person in every way. Namaste!!!

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