Dad is Back!


27  February 2014

Dad’s Back! Ryan made it back from California safely. We are so happy to have him home. Being alone with the three boys while Ryan is out of town takes a lot of heart. It hasn’t been a very typical routine for us either. I tend to be the pushover between the two of us, so I feel like the boys have been getting away with a little bit more than usual! Finn is loving preschool, today he had show and tell and he especially looks forward to that! We’ve been having a lot of fun together too.

Ryan was only in town for three days before he went out for another week so we are really looking forward to having him here stay for a little while longer. The boys are so precious when we pick him up from the airport. So excited to see Dad!  This time traveling seems to be paying off because he has some promising leads. He interviewed for one specific job that we are really crossing our fingers for. It would be such a great fit. The soonest he would get any kind of offer is April. Things are looking a lot brighter right now. 


Utah winters are so mild compared to many parts of the country. We had a really warm week! The weather got up into the 60’s. We’ve been at the park the last few days, walking Jasper! The boys love the park. There is something magical about crisp air and a sudden change in weather. 

IMG_0188Finn has been loving his ‘running shoes’ as he calls them! His first pair of Nikes have been suiting him nicely. He sure is growing up that Mr. Finn! He is picking up on a lot of funny new phrases. He wants to play tennis with me for hours on end in the gym. He is very upset whenever I pick him up from school because he does not want to leave!

IMG_0214Sweetheart Jude is still as tender as ever, with the whining slowly dissipating. It still takes a massive amount of patience working with Jude day in and day out but he really is so happy. I’m just happy that I somehow have the patience to handle it because somedays it really does take a lot. 

IMG_0186IMG_9897This was taken on Jude’s first day of preschool. Despite being potty trained, he wasn’t quite ready for preschool. We knew it was a long shot, he still has a long way to go following directions and learning how to sit still and not be disruptive. I was hoping they would teach him how to hold still with other kids. He was nearly a whole year younger than most of the kids though. I am optimistic that in another year he may be at that point. He’s loving playing with one of the neighborhood girls, Maddy. She comes over and helps me give Jude one on one time. 

IMG_9901Jude slept with mom while Dad was away! Boy oh boy does Jude love to snuggle!! I had to do some tough love, he started waking up in the middle of the night and saying: “I’m scared!” I would run in and soothe him and lay with him. Well it happened the next night and the night after, and the night after!! I wouldn’t get any sleep laying with him for hours on end but he’d cry whenever I’d get up. Pretty soon we were both exhausted! Well we bought the sweetest night light and have talked to him about being scared – turns out he just figured out that if he say that I’d come in and sleep next to him. Smarty pants! We are all back sleeping through the night again!

Okay Grandma Cindy, Ryan told me that you wanted more pictures of the boys. I never did share some of our last beach photos on the blog. Here are a few since I really haven’t been taking many pictures. It’s hard when I’m doing it on my own! Maybe now that Ryan’s home in the evenings I’ll feel more myself, which means taking pictures. 

Diggingtogether-9303 copy

I say on my own but I still had my parents and brothers in the house. My brothers are quite busy with school and Toppy is out of town once again! We still get to see my brothers occasionally and they’ll come down and play with the boys in the gym. Thanks again Tanner for watching them Monday night so I could hit up a yoga class, that was heaven for me!


IMG_9296Boyatbeach-9299Royal has really become one of the boys. It’s a lot of fun watching them play together. He a riot with his head: either nodding or shaking his head no. He’s definitely going to hit the defiant terrible two’s early! He is spirited, and is already prone to throwing little tantrums. I would rather he his early anyway. I’ll try to be in touch more on the blog. When Ryan gets something, I will be sure to post about it. 

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  1. Love all the pictures!! Thanks, Heather! Such a handful, but so much fun! Love sweet Jude’s tender little smile. And Royal has the hair going on! Finn in his Nike’s flying through the air. The mountains in the background are beautiful.

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