Gigi Throws a Party!

8 March 2014

Well Gigi has done it again! Today my mom hosted a bridal shower for a dear family friend, Emily Nixon. She had so much fun planning it – we’ve been sampling things for weeks perfecting the menu and brainstorming things together. My mom has a real gift for entertaining. Her passion and enthusiasm for creating any kind of extravaganza is amazing. It was fun to give so many great women a really fun party. Emily’s colors are mint and ivory. Here are some pictures from today. She couldn’t have picked better people to do this party for, they both are incredibly kind. Nothing like a bride to be to make you feel thankful for your own love in your life!




It goes without saying that we had A LOT of food. I am so full! Wow! What a fun day. Ryan took the boys during the shower so I could help out, take pictures and just enjoy the party. I’ve been so excited for this because I knew what was going into this. Thanks Cheri for handling the boys all alone today! Ryan left tonight for another trip to California. We will miss him a lot while he’s away. The boys are always so sad when he leaves.

IMG_0545I wore one of my new fun pieces that I made in Dubai. I love purple! Gigi was looking very cute in her well chosen mint blouse. Nothing like getting all dolled up as a mom. It’s fun to feel pretty.

IMG_0378My mom put together a fun toast to the bride, it was fun to raise our glasses in unison. This was the best wedding shower I have ever attended. Emily’s sister Rachel made a really cute video from Taysom. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house! He really knows how to work the camera 😉


IMG_0455IMG_0513IMG_0477Some pretty amazing girls right there! I couldn’t quite swallow my food in time! Full mouth!

What a cute picture with these two sisters and their mom. Rachel, you’re beautiful!



This blog post seems to be having technical difficulties. I can’t drop any more pictures in – so I’ll have to add more when my connection is back. I haven’t even inserted my favorites.  So many little details to document. When I walk upstairs now my nose is just filled with the most amazing scents. There are so many flowers! It’s wonderful!




Oh by the way, Grandma Cindy! We had a lady here from the Eden Prairie ward – she said you were her Relief Society President when they moved into the ward. What a small world! Fun day.



IMG_0470IMG_0509Sweet Jasper! He was so scared, so many people in the house. Jasper is starting to age.

IMG_0430 IMG_0420

Baby Royal always runs over to give Uncle Tanner hugs when he sees him. It’s sweet, Royal is becoming quiet generous with his kisses. He is such a delight. I took him to the doctor three days ago and it was just at the right time because he had an ear infection! I’m so glad I took him, he’s on an antibiotic and is already back to his cheerful self. 



6 responses

  1. I was going to say…small world. Their sister Elizabeth was in our ward, and Rachel always visited her, and was close to my age.

  2. Emily yes!! Elizabeth is her name, I couldn’t remember her married name. Thanks for helping me out. Elizabeth is pregnant with their fifth child which you can imagine blew my mind!! I can’t wait to see your post on New York!

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