So Long Winter!


22 March 2014

Spring has arrived in Provo Utah. The tulips are approaching their bloom, the sun feels so warm on my skin, and we are back to enjoying our evening/afternoon walks as a family. Going on walks is one of our absolutely favorite simple pleasures! The boys love it, Royal is in heaven in the stroller- watching his brothers be their crazy selves! Jude is an official motorcycle rider! That’s what Jude calls his bike, ‘the motorcycle!’ He has been practicing in the gym just taking it really slow. What a wonderful learning experience for me as his mother to take away from! He’s come so far on that thing, I always dreamed of how much fun and how free Jude could feel on a bike but his coordination just did not come nearly as natural as I expected, but that’s okay! It took a lot more time but he’s a pro now and is ripping around like crazy at the park here in Vintage. He has already learned he can’t go fast down cars, he can’t go into the street, and he needs to stay in sight of his parents: ALL of which needed true learning experiences. 1) Jude took off down the hill WAY too fast, screamed for him to stop and he went faster!! That Norwegian- he ended up half way down the hill in the gutter (he was fine, but not something we want repeated!). 2) He turned once into the road and got a huge scolding – can’t mess around with that! 3) I think he realized that it gets lonely being too far ahead, he likes hearing Finn’s cheers like, “great coasting Jude!” Finn will have so much fun hitting up his strider bike with Jude. (Our green one is on its way back from Dubai!) Although Finn can ride a real bike, it’s fun that the strider bikes are so incredibly light. It’s almost easier for them to go farther because it doesn’t take as much work. I’m sure he’ll ride both. 


These photos are from a week or so ago. We had been having really warm weather but it took a turn for a chilly day. Once you get that taste of being outside at night you can’t go back! So with hats, and red noses we did a little ride to the park.  We have so much fun socializing at night, and I’ve been knitting like a fein so the blog has just needed to take a back seat for a little while. I’m sure my enthusiasm for it will return.

Eveningwalk2It's Toppy!-0320 Eveningwalk2-0313 Eveningwalk1-0309

Timpanogas is so beautiful! I love looking at all the clouds! Wow! The sky always looks almost out of this world!  Finn will run along side Jude often times when he rides, although lately Jude has started getting pretty fast! It’s hard to keep up. 

Eveningwalk6-0353The movie ‘The Holiday’ is one of my absolute favorite films. I love when Kate Winslet says, “I need corny in my life!’ I agree, I need corny in my life! So, I have a goal to embrace some corny selfie shots with me and mon petit chou! Ryan and I heading out for some one on one time in the mountains, loving each other as much as wen can! 

IMG_0685Speaking on loving each other, we’re still taking advantage of Sundance a lot. Royal has been wearing his latest pair of booties all day and night. They are his ‘Royal booties’ because they are purple and I love them. He likes them too, and seems to always want them on because he brings them to me when I take them off for tub time! It’s made Jude want his on a lot.  I’m making a mint pair right now. 


The family dynamic these days I’m sure like every other home right now with kids has evolved largely to singing along to the Frozen sountrack with the boys. Finn actually tries to sing and it’s a crack up. His confidence is really starting to come alive. His teacher told us that he initiated a game of, “doggy, doggy where’s your bone!” The other day. I’m like Finn, “What’s doggy doggy where’s your bone? And he then sang this cute little song: 

“Doggy, doogy, where’s your bone! Somebody stole it from your home! Get up doggy, find your bone!”

Funny, funny, funny!! Finn has had some incredible one liners in the last month. Some of his greatest classics are along the lines of ‘gluten.’ He came up to me a week ago with a box of Reese’s Puffs in his hand and said, “Mom. I need you to trust me!” “See this cereal? This says, GLUTEN-FREEEEE” (Pointing to the large cursive title saying “Resse’s Puffs” 

Mr. Finn has also discovered photo booth. Alien Style!

Photo on 3-17-14 at 5.13 PM #2

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  1. Cutest little family!! I know how stressful this stage is, but you’re handling it like the champs you are 🙂 Wishing for good news for Ryan SOON!!!

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