Lone Peak Cirque Hike

Cirque2-083829 March 2014

We had a great adventure this morning on Lone Peak. Left the house at 5:30 and were hiking by 6:30 – no kids! Starting up a mountain when it is still dark is such a great feeling. It was so windy up there! Best babysitter money we’ve ever spent! We were hoping to get to the Cirque, and we got close enough and had a great time. We finished high on a very windy ridge – it is definitely still winter up there!

We would’ve made it to the Cirque, but we had to add two miles to our hike because the trail head was gated off – we hiked two miles before even starting the trail!


Cirque5-0851It was great to have the mountains all to ourselves, aside from the runners on the lower portion. We saw three huge elk, and got the big exposure feeling on the ridge we finished on. Neither of us had very good footwear – Nike Frees and an old pair of running shoes, but the snowshoes made that less important (but still wet and cold feet!). It would have been great to keep going, but our high point was a great accomplishment! To go any higher we would’ve needed some real climbing boots because it was soooo windy up there – our feet were frozen!




-2We decided we need more corniness in our lives, so we took some selfies up there! So great to have some time with just the two of us, joking around and laughing a lot. Below: checking in with the babysitter!

JpegSunrise was spectacular!




 Ryan and I had honed in on a particular tree on top of one of the ridges, it was parallel with the cirque and exposed to the wind. I thought we were going to fall over, the wind was howling so hard!  


5 responses

  1. So glad you two had a great time up there! I see the brothers didn’t come…

    Sorry I never texted you back. I had an 18-miler to do this morning, but I should have responded still.

    We need to reschedule for next Friday/Saturday. Sundance. We are looking forward to it.

  2. Love the kissing selfie! Nice that you could both be together for some alone-time. The mountains are incredible… it looks windy and cold… and big smiles on your faces nonetheless, wow!
    Can’t wait to see you later this week! Mom

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